Getting support

Getting Support for the AppMon Server managed in the Cloud.

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User management

When the instance is created, you will receive the account details of the SaaSAdmin account per e-mail - and you should therefore be able to create all the users by yourself. The NOC can help in emergency cases.

Production instance creation and extension is handled by the Licensing Team. Please contact your License Specialist in case you need a production instance created.

For any other actions: Contact the App Mon & UEM product support - see below "Open a Support Ticket"

Support with the Instance

Product Documentation

Access the complete technical product documentation.

Open a Support Ticket

The support process for AppMon SaaS follows the same rules as support for on-premises deployments and requires the use of our JIRA based ticketing system. Also have a look at How to Describe the Issue.

See How to get Support for our Support Policy Guide.


Please also make sure that your case is clearly marked as an APMaaS case, this can be done by adding APMaaS in the subject and by selecting the right product edition.