Migration to on-premise AppMon Server

Guideline for customers who wants to move their Dynatrace AppMon & UEM managed server from the cloud to on-premises.

What are the requirements for a migration from cloud to on-premises?

  • AppMon Server installed On-Premises must use the same version of the AppMon Server in the Cloud, or a newer version.
  • Customer Team is responsible for the import/migration; AppMon SaaS team only provide the data exported from the Cloud.
  • Customer Team is responsible for adequate sizing of the AppMon Server. Please see the Deployment Guide for that sizing purposes.
  • This option is only available for customers; not for POC instances.

What data can be exported from the cloud instance?

  • Configuration
  • Performance Warehouse Database
    • The Performance Warehouse Database can be migrated using the AppMon migration tool
  • Session Storage
    • Not provided by the AppMon SaaS team
    • If needed, the customer can export and re-import sessions using the AppMon Client (see product documentation: Importing and Exporting Sessions). This is not meant to be used to transfer all session storage data from a cloud instance to an on-premises instance.

Here is how the process will work:

  1. Customer installs AppMon Server OnPrem.
  2. Customer opens a support ticket requesting the migration of the data from the Cloud
  3. Customer runs dt migration tool with migration archive.
  4. Support starts PWH migration using AppMon migration tool
  5. Customer deploys the new license and adapt the configuration as needed.

When will the SaaS instance be stopped and data deleted?

  • The instance will be stopped once the license expires or as soon as requested from the customer.
  • Four weeks after the instance has been stopped, all the data will be deleted from the Cloud.