Licensing & consumption

Which license type is needed for a AppMon SaaS Instance?

The licenses for Dynatrace AppMon & UEM SaaS instances are term licenses, and either SaaS Production or SaaS Test Edition. A SaaS edition license is not bound to the MAC address of the instance, which enables fail over to another instance and the automatic reuse of the license.

What is the renewal process?

A reminder is sent per e-mail to the customer and to the customer success manager (CSM) 7 days before a license expires, then again 2 days before the license expires and once more when the license has expired.

The renewal of an AppMon SaaS instance goes through the same channel as for on-premises licenses. The only difference is that licensing will issue the license and instead of sending it to the end customer, will have the license deployed on the instance by our NOC team.

Which product in the price book entitles me/my customer to a SaaS Instance?

  • SaaS (APMaaS) Application Monitoring for Java
  • SaaS (APMaaS) Application Monitoring for .Net
  • SaaS (APMaaS) Real User for Mobile and Web
  • SaaS Application Monitoring for PHP
  • SaaS Application Monitoring for NodeJS
  • SaaS Web Server Agent
  • SaaS NoSQL Agent
  • SaaS Host Monitoring Agent

How can I retrieve my monthly consumption?

You have three options:

  1. The orchestration platform sends a monthly update of the consumption via email. If you are not currently receiving our monthly consumption update, open a support ticket and request that we activate this option for you.  For example: 
  2. Since Dynatrace 6.2, agent hours are available as a measure that you can display in a chart.
  3. Agent hours are logged in the server logfiles, under the naming convention YYYY_AgentUsage_Version.log