Differences between on-premises and SaaS deployment

What are the differences between an on-premises AppMon installation and AppMon SaaS?

Feature & Capability AppMon On-premises AppMon SaaS
Server Location In your data center on your hardware or private cloud. In the cloud (Amazon EC2) 8 Regions are available (US EAST + WEST, Ireland, Singapore, Japan, Australia,Brazil and Frankfurt )
Server Installation Manual installation of AppMon Server, database (PostGre, SQL Server, DB2 or Oracle), and other components AppMon Server and database (Oracle) are provisioned automatically Tag-only option also includes an automatically provisioned Apache server with a webserver Agent to receive the dT Monitor Signal. All that the customer has to do is add a short script with the .js agent to his websites.
Software Updates Manual On-demand / Automated
Server and Database Backups Manual On-demand / Automated
Supported Agents All All (as long as the Sizing is respected and that the agents connect to an external collector - the embedded collector is for UEMonly use cases)
Deployment Size Up to X-Large Small, Medium and Large deployment only. See Sizing
Data Retention Flexible, limited by provisioned disk space Session Storage: From 250 GB to 2048 GB depending on the deployment size, see Sizing. Performance Warehouse: 2 - unlimited years (expands automatically). Depends on the number of measures.
Collector Settings Flexible Optimized for cloud:
  • Encryption: on (SSL)
  • Compression: on
Memory Dumps Enabled Disabled (* can be enabled on demand since 6.0, depends on server load and Sizing. Not available for SMALL sizing)
Mail Server for notifications Provided by customers Same as on-Prem; provided by customer
LDAP Provided by customers Same as on-Prem; provided by customer