Features of real full-stack performance monitoring

Unified end-to-end monitoring for every component and every dependency, across every tier

Auto-detect, model, and analyze every single transaction from start to finish

A lot of APM vendors say they offer full-stack monitoring. What they mean is, their various tools can eventually be stitched together to monitor your end users, applications, and infrastructure metrics—for some transactions some of the time. But this doesn't give you the full picture of everything that's going on in your environment. This isn't real full-stack monitoring.

Dynatrace automatically traces 100% of transactions—no matter where they go or how they behave—throughout your technology stack—from front-end to back-end and everywhere in-between—every user, every application, everywhere, 24x7.

End-to-end monitoring up, down, and across every tier

Monitor every layer of your application environment seamlessly. No matter how complex the application-delivery chain, Dynatrace provides end-to-end visibility down to the method level for every single transaction—no samples or snapshots, no gaps or blind spots.

Dynatrace provides performance monitoring for your entire technology stack in a unified digital performance management solution.
Real full-stack monitoring covers 100% of your stack end to end, from each customer's initial interaction with your applications, through the entire request call sequence, down to containers, infrastructure, and cloud.

From users' first touch...

through the services layer...

to the process level...

...down to the infrastructure

Monitor dependencies, not just components

In today's ultra-complex environments, it's no longer enough just to monitor the individual components in your technology stack. You have to understand how they all work together collectively to deliver your applications.

Dynatrace automatically monitors and maps out the millions of dependencies among application components in real time—and dynamically auto-updates as things change on the fly.

Dynatrace automatically monitors and updates all dependencies among application components in real time.

3 exclusive technologies entitle Dynatrace to deliver real full-stack monitoring

Three patented technologies unique to Dynatrace dovetail with one another to enable automatic discovery, modelling, and analytics of every component, every dependency, across every tier—the hallmark of "real" full-stack monitoring. This unified, end-to-end monitoring is a foundational prerequisite for artificial intelligence–based monitoring.


OneAgent technology uses a single agent to collect and unify operational and business performance metrics for all types of entities—servers, applications, services, databases, etc.—along every layer of your tech stack (even containers).


Smartscape visualization technology maps out everything you have running and detects all causal dependencies between websites, applications, services, processes, hosts, networks, and cloud infrastructure.


Our patented PurePath technology captures timing and code level context for 100% of transactions end to end—every swipe, every click, across every tier, for every user, 24x7x365—no samples, no gaps or blind spots.

Eugenia Gillan photo


“After deploying a new release, we spent over 30 hours trying to find a performance problem. With Dynatrace, finding a similar problem would take us only minutes.”
Eugenia Gillan, VP Engineering at ZoomInfo
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McGraw-Hill Education

“Our applications are very complex. One issue had 12 people looking at it for about six days. Once we loaded Dynatrace, we diagnosed and fixed the problem in five minutes.”
Shane Shelton, Senior Director of App Performance, McGraw-Hill Education
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“Dynatrace shows us exactly where there are issues and—just as important—it shows us where there aren’t. Thanks to Dynatrace, we’re on a path of continuous improvement.”
Gopal Brugalette, Performance Architect at Nordstrom

Unified end-to-end real full-stack monitoring solution

Dynatrace combines real user monitoring, synthetic monitoring, and mobile monitoring to deliver full insight into how customers actually experience applications

Digital experience monitoring

Dynatrace digital experience monitoring seamlessly integrates real user monitoring, synthetic monitoring, and mobile monitoring for a 360° view of how performance affects your bottom line.

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Monitor and optimize application performance powered by artificial intelligence

Application performance management

APM powered by artificial intelligence automatically detects and diagnoses problems. Real-time monitoring for every transaction, every app, across every tier—from user click down to code level.

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Monitor database query executions

Database monitoring

Dynatrace monitors every single SQL statement and NoSQL query your application sends out, so you get detailed metrics to optimize database performance where it matters most—at the statement level.

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Monitor microservices and containers out of the box

Microservices and containers

We monitor containers out of the box—without touching your images. Only Dynatrace has the AI capabilities to pinpoint in seconds the underlying root cause of microservices’ cascading failure.

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Infrastructure monitoring for physical and virtual hosts

Infrastructure monitoring

Dynatrace automatically learns changes to your infrastructure, showing how the configuration impacts performance—whether it's physical server monitoring or virtualized environment monitoring.

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Cloud monitoring taken to the next level

Cloud monitoring

Dynamic monitoring at the speed of the cloud! Dynatrace auto-detects, updates, and monitors all your apps and services running on AWS, Azure, Cloud Foundry, OpenStack, OpenShift, and more.

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Network monitoring down to the process level

Network monitoring

Dynatrace monitors network connections down to the process level. Proactively identify connectivity issues between processes—absolutely crucial in today’s highly distributed cloud environments.

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Correlate log data with performance problems

Log analytics

Dynatrace discovers all log files on your monitored hosts and processes, and automatically correlates those messages with performance problems—even when log data is stored on different machines.

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Real full-stack monitoring for the broadest range of technologies in the industry

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