Performance management for DevOps teams

Push the right code in better quality through your pipeline

Continuous Delivery/Continuous integration metrics

Biz: Let your users tell you what to build

Users know best which features they want, which features they dislike and which features are not working right. Dynatrace tracks every single user, every single interaction and knows where performance or usability impact the end user experience. Use user analytics to prioritize your backlog, perform A/B testing and remove business debt.

  • Identify end user behavior per app and feature
  • Remove business debt to stay lean and agile
Understand end user behavior per app and feature.

Dev: Don’t check in bad code

80% of the code you are responsible for is not your own code as you build software on frameworks or inherit software from somebody else. The risk of breaking code or impacting scalability and performance is growing. Dynatrace automatically identifies architectural regressions on 100% of code you are responsible for. It highlights the bad code and stops you from bad code commits!

  • Automatically detect top scalability and performance patterns
  • Identify bad code changes before GIT COMMIT in your IDE
  • Code-level visibility, memory leak detection and more
Dynatrace automatically detects common architectural, scalability and performance problems.

Architects: Continuously Validate your Architectural Decisions

The more teams, frameworks, tiers, services and new technology stacks you add to your projects the harder it is to validate end-to-end architectural guidelines. Dynatrace automates that review process by highlighting code changes that introduce architectural, performance and scalability regressions of all code commits made to your pipeline. Manage your technical debt before deploying bad changes into production.

  • Enforce architectural guides across all teams
  • Improve overall code and architecture quality
  • Reduce technical debt to become more efficient
Dynatrace automatically detects common architectural, scalability and performance problems.
Validate the actual implementation of your end-to-end architecture.

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CI/CD: Stop bad builds earlier in the pipeline

Build pipelines tend to clog at the performance testing phase and therefore slow down lead times. Dynatrace allows you to shift left performance checks and automatically find 80% of your performance problems with your existing unit-, functional-, and integration tests. Stopping bad builds and code changes earlier will increase your throughput and improves quality of the pipeline output.

  • Level-up your automated tests to become performance validation tests
  • Automated baselining of key architectural and performance metrics per build and test
  • Integrate to Jenkins, Bamboo, TFS, Go, Team City or other build servers
Dynatrace baselines key architectural metrics across builds.
Dynatrace gives a build-per-build quality and regression overview.
See all results in Jenkins and even Stop the Pipeline.

Performance engineering: Reduce and speed up load testing cycles

Are you becoming the bottleneck in a speedy pipeline because your performance test run too long or it takes you too much time to analyze? Dynatrace allows you to push some of the performance checks into functional and integration tests. This allows you to find the real tough performance issues during load testing. The automated problem detection, comparison and regression detection between tests drastically reduces analysis time:

  • Integrate with your load testing tools such as Gatling, JMeter, Load Runner, Silk or others
  • Automatically detect hotspots in the application architecture and code
  • Compare load tests for faster regression analysis

Ops: Smart alerting on your dynamic infrastructure

Whether you run on bare medal, VMWare, Docker, Cloud or PaaS. Dynatrace keeps track of your infrastructure health and alerts you in case it impacts application performance and end user experience. That helps you prioritize your actions and takes the stress out of critical situations

  • Automatically monitor all physical and virtual hosts
  • Get full visibility into your containers and clouds
  • See the impact of infrastructure on the application
Automated monitoring of all key host, process and container metrics.
Smart Alerting including problem evolution details.
AWS, Azure, Docker, Open Stack, etc.: we have you covered with all key metrics.

Dynatrace seamlessly integrates with your DevOps tools

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