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Dynatrace University

Your learning platform for Digital Performance Management.

Dynatrace University is the world’s largest and most respected educational resource for Digital Performance Management (DPM). It provides eLearning opportunities, vSeries virtual expertise, Certifications and vLabs to build and share knowledge that supports business innovation.


Knowledge is power. Learn, apply and grow at your own pace.

With the purchase of maintenance or subscription to Dynatrace products you have access to Getting Started Training, New Release Highlight Training and Webinars. These options are delivered through product focused eLearning in Dynatrace University..

Dynatrace - eLearning

On-Demand Services - vSeries Training


Powered by Dynatrace-Certified Consultants and Architects.

Accelerate your learning or continue your growth with Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT) and Virtual Hands-On-Training (vHOT) in Dynatrace University. With the Virtual Expert (vExpert) you get access to world-class solutions for your digital challenge. Participation is easy—whether you’re at home, while traveling or in the office. Learn more

What is the vSeries? (video, fact sheet)


Prove your knowledge and commitment.

Dynatrace offers certifications at the Associate, Professional and Master levels. Associate and Professional Certifications validate the knowledge and experience required to use Dynatrace DPM technologies. Master-level Certification validates even deeper knowledge--from design to execution and troubleshooting. Learn more.

Dynatrace - Certifications

Dynatrace - APMU Labs

Dynatrace University Labs

Pre-built Application Monitoring or DC RUM environments.

Located on the same Amazon Web Services environments used for our Virtual Instructor Led Training (vILT) and Virtual Hands-On Training (vHOT) sessions, Dynatrace University vLabs give you preparation and practice environments for App Mon and DC RUM in 1-day or 7-day sessions. Reserve a virtual environment to sharpen your skills.

The Dynatrace Community

Learn, share and grow.

The Dynatrace Community isn’t a neighborhood with a clubhouse. It’s the world’s largest dynamic resource for digital performance. Join in the shared experience and passion for improving every day with us. It’s available to all of our customers, experts and partners.

Dynatrace Community

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