Scorecards for Financial Services

Dynatrace Scorecards for Financial Services comprehensively measure and comparatively rank the customer-facing digital capabilities and best practices of leading financial services providers.


Dynatrace Scorecards are fact-based, comparative peer benchmarks and reports of customer-facing digital delivery through desktop and mobile devices.

The annual and semi-annual Scorecards are designed to help financial services companies identify strengths and opportunities to digitally acquire and provide service for customers, roadmap development initiatives, and track how their digital offerings rank alongside industry peers.

Dynatrace Scorecards

Scorecard Types

The Scorecards capture detailed functionality and related customer experience capabilities in primary sectors of the financial services industry.

Published twice per year

  • Banker
  • Credit Card
  • Insurance
  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Insurance

Published annually

  • Small Business Banking
  • Mortgage

Custom Scorecards

Dynatrace will work with you to design a Custom Scorecard or study based on digital best practices in your financial services industry or to add a custom component to an existing Scorecard. The Custom Scorecard assesses the capabilities of your digital properties and compares them to your competitors' digital functionality. Through this detailed analysis, you’ll identify essential improvements and strategies to build effective use of your digital channels by customers and prospects.

Criteria and Methodology

Dynatrace Scorecards use a comprehensive slate of approximately 200 to 400 objective criteria that reflect proven digital best practices developed with industry collaboration and expert research. Dynatrace measures how well peer providers facilitate the completion of key user tasks in four categories of digital delivery:

  • Functionality
  • Ease of Use
  • Privacy & Security
  • Quality & Availability
Winners by category
Privacy and Quality
Overall Scores

Current Overall Winners

as of May 2019


Q2 2019

1st - Bank of America
2nd - Wells Fargo
3rd - Chase

Bank of America

Credit Card

Q2 2019

1st - Discover
2nd - American Express / Bank of America / Citi / Wells Fargo (tied)
3rd - N/A



Q4 2018

1st - Progressive
2nd - GEICO
3rd - Nationwide


Mobile Banker

Q1 2019

1st - Bank of America
2nd - Wells Fargo
3rd - Chase

Bank of America

Mobile Insurance

Q1 2019

1st - GEICO
2nd - State Farm
3nd - Allstate / Progressive




1st - Wells Fargo
2nd - Bank of America
3rd - Chase / Citibank (tie)

Wells Fargo

Small Business Banker


1st - Wells Fargo
2nd - Bank of America
3rd - Chase

Wells Fargo

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