How much money can Dynatrace save your company? Let's find out.

We’ve commissioned Forrester Consulting to build a calculator that lets you quickly quantify the ROI your company can expect from using Dynatrace.

Just enter a few key data points about your organization and see how the benefits you could expect from Dynatrace — such as an increase in end user productivity and reduction in development and test cycles — translate into actual cost savings.

The Dynatrace Software Intelligence Calculator is based on a commissioned Forrester Consulting study, "The Total Economic Impact™ of Dynatrace." It’s quick and easy, so let’s get started. Simply answer five questions and get your results.

The Total Economic Impact™ of Dynatrace

Calculate Your ROI


Dynatrace commissioned Forrester Consulting to develop this calculator. See the Methodology section for more information on Disclaimers and Disclosures.

Key benefits (three-year) from the Forrester study

IT operations and helpdesk time, savings
End user productivity recovery
Development savings from reduced dev and test cycles
Revenue capture from segment addressability