Mobile app analytics

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User experience monitoring is essential for enhancing the usability and performance of your mobile native app. How are your customers using your product? Which features do they prefer? How can you spot trouble before it adversely affects your product? This O’Reilly report provides an overview of several metrics you can apply, based on different use-cases.

Author Wolfgang Beer explains the typical instrumentation and publishing process of mobile apps, and takes you through different instrumentation approaches. With screenshots from popular tools such as Google Analytics, Ruxit, Fabric, and Flurry Analytics, this report helps you choose the metrics that will help you improve your product’s performance.

Wolfgang Beer works as a technical product manager at Dynatrace, where he is responsible for designing and delivering mobile app monitoring solutions within Ruxit. He has been working as a research team lead for more than ten years and has co-authored several books and scientific articles on software development, analysis, and engineering.

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