Is traditional monitoring dead?

The race to stay relevant and digitally transform has companies adopting new cloud technologies and development methodologies at a rapid pace. They are moving to public, private and hybrid clouds and implementing DevOps practices to accelerate time to market of new applications and features. And, what used to be a traditional cadence of software upgrades every 6 to 9 months, has changed into independent service updates that can happen daily, hourly, and in some cases, every few seconds.

While these companies are rapidly changing how they develop and deliver software, many overlook the operational complexities these changes introduce. They assume their existing monitoring tools are up to the task. Unfortunately, it usually takes a customer impact incident to expose the shortcomings of these tools in their new, highly dynamic, web scale applications.

In this infographic, we walk through four complexities companies need to be aware of as they move to cloud native application development and deployment. We also introduce the modern capabilities a monitoring solution must have to ensure an exceptional customer experience.

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Is traditional monitoring dead?

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