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"The autonomous cloud foundation that was presented showed us where we need to go!" —Jim Feather Global IT Director, Infrastructure Systems Engineering, AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. Immersive Spend 5 days immersed in learning and development with our cloud automation experts Hands-On Create your own continuous deployment pipeline with built- in performance, self-healing and remediation Collaborative Work side by side with Dynatrace Autonomous Cloud Experts Actionable Build a customized action plan to implement an Autonomous Cloud project for your organization Learn the essentials in our Autonomous Cloud Lab Autonomous Cloud Lab DevOps teams are challenged by the gap between limited IT resources and the growing complexity of cloud native environments. This makes managing modern cloud infrastructure with dynamic microservices architectures particularly difficult to scale with a manual approach. The Autonomous Cloud is the transformation of IT from manual to autonomous, NoOps cloud operations. This brings together DevOps practices and cloud native environments to achieve continuous software delivery pipelines and automated operations that address the gap between IT resources and growing cloud complexity. Spend 5 days with our experts to enhance your knowledge and confidence on how to: • Shift from Agile to NoOps • Create a single automated pipeline • Receive feedback on continuous builds • Include testing metrics and performance feedback in daily builds • Automate rollbacks which include performance monitoring in staging and production Bu s ne ss ope r t on s N o Op s U nb r eb l e de l ve r Autonomous Cloud D e l ve r s up e r o r d t l exp e r en ce s B u s n e s s Foc u s ope r t on s on nnov t on O pe r t o n s R e l e se b e tte r s o ft w re f s t e r D e v e l o p m en t

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