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Monitoring as Code - Empowering Developers through Shift-Left Observability

With the advent of OpenTelemetry – supported by Dynatrace in PurePath 4 - we are shifting left the control over observability to developers. However, developers often still lack the control over how the monitoring platform itself is behaving as it consumes observability. As developers gain responsibilities through practices such as GitOps and SRE, their ability to configure observability – and keep it up to date with evolving requirements – becomes a cornerstone for successful organizations. Configurations such as SLIs (Service Level Indicators), SLOs (Service Level Objectives), dashboards, and alerting rules are left to be created separately, and often manually.

In this session, Kristof Renders (Autonomous Cloud Enablement Practice Manager) will walk us through how organizations can offer true Monitoring as a Self-service to their teams and employ a GitOps approach to observability using Dynatrace’s open-source Monitoring as Code (Monaco) – empowering developers to get observability based on their needs!