Real user monitoring for corporate applications

Ensure great performance and user experience for all your enterprise applications

Ensure that corporate users can get their jobs done

Your company's employees depend on applications to drive your business. Business suffers when these applications are slow or unreliable. Dynatrace monitors performance for every user, transaction, and enterprise application so your people can get the job done.

  • From a single connection in the data center network, you see the complete application and infrastructure picture.
  • Complement agent-based app monitoring with wire data that extends coverage to custom and packaged applications like SAP, Oracle EBS and Siebel, Citrix, MS Exchange, and more.
  • Seamlessly combine real user data with synthetic monitoring for the most proactive approach possible.
Dynatrace provides single-dashboard visibility into the performance and availability of all your enterprise applications, as perceived by real users. Instantly spot problems and assess impact.
Dynatrace embeds out-of-the-box dashboards for leading packaged business applications such as SAP, Oracle EBS, and Citrix. It supports a wide range of application services and technologies like IBM MQ, XML/SOAP, LDAP, and VoIP, as well as databases including Oracle, DB2, and MS SQL.
To ensure that your applications are available and performing well when your users need them, test your applications when your users aren't using them. Synthetic monitoring integrates seamlessly with real-user monitoring for 24/7 performance assurance.

Get insights into performance and user experience in corporate application environments

Triage problems faster and prioritize improvements with ease

Powerful, Dynatrace real-time analytics and embedded application expertise untangle enterprise complexity.

  • Instantaneously pinpoint the source domain of performance problems.
  • See the business impact of each incident. Who is experiencing issues? Are they limited to specific locations, browsers, or software versions?
  • Rapidly move through guided problem-solving workflows—using Dynatrace application monitoring to dive down to the relevant lines of code.
  • Prioritize performance improvements, quantifying each component’s contribution to response time.
Dynatrace analyzes every transaction in real-time—identifying hot spots and determining every domain’s contribution to overall response time—so your team knows exactly where to start in fixing problems.
Diagnose root causes using the industry’s broadest portfolio of application and technology-specific analysis modules. Link directly to drill into problems at the code level.
Dynatrace immediately scopes the impact of problems so you can perform accurate triage and evaluate variables like browser, software version, geo, URL, and even specific users.

Keep pace with the dynamic enterprise

Performance problems are often difficult to pin down within increasingly dynamic and complex data centers. Utilizing real-time wire data monitored from a central location, Dynatrace tracks the structure of software-defined data centers.

  • Continuously discover users, business level transactions, applications, services, and infrastructure.
  • Keep an accurate run-time picture of your enterprise application ecosystem.
  • Incorporate dynamic components that aren’t instrumented directly.

Dynatrace discovers users, application services, business-level transactions, and infrastructure components like virtual networks, sites, and links.

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