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AI-powered, full stack, automated performance management

Every user, every app, everywhere

  • Full stack monitoring out-of-the-box
  • Customizing your dashboard in minutes
  • Works on desktop and mobile

Possibilities of APM

The initial Dynatrace dashboard for a quick overview of your IT environment

All layers of your environment

  • Zoom into application, service, process, host or datacenter level
  • See how dependencies work within your entire system
  • Out-of-the-box layer analysis

Learn about Smartscape

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Built for cloud and microservices

  • All types of cloud and hybrid environments supported
  • Easy instrumentation and intelligent cloud scaling for elastic response
  • No need to modify images or run extra containers

Cloud monitoring

Cloud monitoring

Highly automated performance management

  • Automatic discovery of applications and instrumentation
  • Automatic discovery of the whole environment and dependencies
  • Automatic deep monitoring of all applications

Cloud monitoring

Deploy the OneAagent with just one click

  • Simplicity and automation of Dynatrace starts with the first click
  • Install the agent on any host immediately
  • Agentless monitoring is available too

Cloud monitoring

Start from a customer-centric view

Game-changing digital experience

  • Full insight across all channels
  • Granular performance analyses
  • Apdex ratings, coding errors, 3rd party provider problems, and service issues at a glance

Digital experience monitoring

Dynatrace shows app performance and analyses all the data

User behavior across all channels

  • Analyze user customer journey
  • Entry actions, bounce rates, conversion rates, user trends and more metrics

User behavior analytics

Deep insights into user behavior and customer experience

Customer-centric across all touchpoints

  • See when, where and what a user has done on which system
  • Detailed user engagement history

Real user monitoring

Analyzing the response time of an app in real time

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Understand how performance of individual services impacts customers

Baselining and anomaly detection

  • With real-time-analyses problems can be foreseen before they happen
  • Automatic detection and priorization of problems

Anomaly detection

Analyzing the response time of an app in real time

Find problems in your environment within minutes

  • AI-powered monitoring provides auto-discovery of your full stack in minutes
  • Tracing and fixing problematic issues has never been so easy

More about AI

Problem overview in Dynatrace

Business impact calculation

  • See all affected service calls and impacted real users
  • Get details about the actual root cause

Business impact analysis

The details of an user action duration problem

Visual resolution path

  • A summary presents the actual evolution of your problems
  • Dynatrace shows every step in any tier of your environment

Root-cause analysis

The visual resolution path of Dynatrace

Real-time incident management

Integrations for monitoring and alerting

  • Combine the power of Dynatrace and our technology partners
  • Fully automated support for a variety tools
  • Respond to service failures faster with integrated notification channels

Monitoring integrations

Integration monitoring and alerts

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Automated optimization instead of simple failure detection

Service flow and backtrace

  • Every single individual service request behavior
  • Analyze service call sequences from back-end performance to front-end impact
  • Receive a detailed code-level hotspot analysis

Service backtrace

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Data-driven database performance

  • Auto-detect all databases
  • Health metrics for all database statements
  • Providing observability all the way down to individual SQL and NoSQL statements

Database monitoring

Database access with problems

Drill down into code-level details

  • Monitoring of your application’s code
  • View response time hotspots and get information like CPU consumption, average response time and more

Response time analysis of database statements

Improve the connections between infrastructure components

Server and VMware monitoring

  • Full insights into virtualized environments
  • Auto-detection starts monitoring new virtual machines as they are deployed
  • Full-stack monitoring for any VMware deployments

Server monitoring

Network monitoring

Network monitoring

  • Monitor process-specific network performance metrics
  • Proactively identify connection issues

More about network monitoring

Network monitoring

Log monitoring

  • Correlate host-process log data with problems detected
  • Log file analytics out-of-the-box: no configuration required

Discover log monitoring

Log file monitoring and analytics

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