Dynatrace Mission Control

Remote proactive support automatically takes care of administrative and maintenance tasks.

Hassle-free maintenance of your Dynatrace Server

Dynatrace Managed automatically solves many common maintenance and support challenges for you. With proactive support, you get fully automated management capabilities that keep Dynatrace Server secure, reliable, and up-to-date—all while saving you from the hassles of administrative tasks like upgrades and troubleshooting.

A dedicated 24x7 support team automatically and proactively handles health checks, scaling verification, upgrades, and any troubleshooting when you run into problems.

  • Analyze hardware utilization and alert you if you need more resources.
  • Address problems or incompatibilities with your Dynatrace Server—so you don’t need to track and react to system events.
  • Optimize your Dynatrace Managed settings to ensure optimum performance and stability.
  • No need to collect the required log files for problem resolution.

Communication with Dynatrace Mission Control

To take advantage of Dynatrace remote management services' proactive support, your Dynatrace Server needs to transmit certain data to and from your Managed Cluster monitoring environment.

The only thing the Mission Control managed support team ever has access to is the server component of your Dynatrace Managed installation. We don’t have access to your operating system or file system.

  • A support ticket is created automatically whenever your Dynatrace Cluster or any of your agents run into a problem.
  • All configuration changes of Dynatrace Managed are fully audit logged.
  • Each remote access is logged as an event with a reason
  • All communication with Mission Control is via https with browser-like certificate checks
  • 2Factor authentication for remote write access

You are always in full control of all access and privacy settings.

  • What gets sent to Dynatrace

    • Usage and billing information
    • Dynatrace Server health statistics
    • Dynatrace Server events like server starts/shutdowns, added/removed nodes, and ActiveGate registrations.
  • What Mission Control does

    • Monitors clusters
    • Publishes new artifacts—which undergo rigorous testing and are cryptographically signed
    • Collects all relevant log files
    • Fine-tune monitoring environment settings
  • What your Managed Cluster does

    • Performs full certificate validation for any communication with Dynatrace Mission Control
    • Validates the signature of every downloaded artifact
    • Audit logs every remote access and configuration change

Learn more about how proactive support works here.