Cloud Automation use cases for SREs

Ensure production apps are stable, scalable, and performing the way they’re supposed to. Dynatrace Cloud Automation helps site reliability engineers proactively take control of your entire infrastructure.

Proactively monitor SLOs

Predict SLO violations before they happen. Our AI engine, Davis, alerts you when error budget burn rates are faster than expected, giving you the precise root cause so you can address issues before they become problems.

Automate remediation and incident management

Get the context you need to triage issues and get systems back to steady state. Automatically trigger remediation workflows, or when manual intervention is needed, incident management tools.

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Service Level Objectives (SLOs): A fundamental tenet for SREs

Define, measure, and monitor your SLOs with automated, AI-powered monitoring and analysis. Get real-time, actionable insights to proactively resolve issues and optimize performance, allowing you to meet business goals and improve customer experience.
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