How Humana is using Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Dynatrace to Digitally Transform

Digital transformation is happening everywhere, and healthcare is not immune. As a leading health insurance provider that also has a reputation for being a technology leader in their industry, Humana recognized the need to transform to continue to meet the needs of their customers. In this 30-minute session, Bob Johnson, Technology Director for Humana, describes the journey Humana is on to stay an innovative leader in health and well-being, and the role partners like Pivotal Software and Dynatrace play in that journey.

In this session, you will hear:

  • Why Humana chose Pivotal Cloud Foundry as their platform of the future to power their digital transformation from legacy software development practices towards modern software engineering.
  • How the move to Cloud Native exposed gaps in Humana’s monitoring practices and tools and how the Dynatrace BOSH add-on for full-stack monitoring of PCF filled those gaps.
  • How Dynatrace provides an intuitive view for simplified problem determination and changed how Humana manages service availability for its customers.
  • What the future holds for Humana as they continue to transform.

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Humana: Transforming Health and ​ Well-being with Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Dynatrace​

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