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October 3, 2019

Digital Experience Management and Business Insights dashboards

Digital Experience Management (DEM) tells you how users are affected by technical issues - whether it’s using Session Replay to diagnose an individual user’s issue or using Real User Monitoring (RUM) data to understand how many users are affected by a certain error. In this session, we’ll look at two main aspects;

  • How to configure DEM optimally and what concepts we can use to start building business dashboards. This will include features such as user tagging, and session properties, like basket value or loyalty status, which can be used to grab contextual business information.
  • How to use the User Session Query Language (USQL) to pull all your data together and form your business dashboards.

Extend Dynatrace: Set-up Dynatrace like a Boss

You own Dynatrace, you’ve seen the great out-of-the-box capabilities it has to offer and have been using the platform with ease ever since. But there’s even more to Dynatrace.

In this session, let our Dynatrace Services team share some tips with you from the field on:

  • Advanced configuration settings and complementary integrations points, which will further the insights provided and value you receive.
  • How to expand your Dynatrace environment to complement integration points to get the most value out of the Dynatrace platform.

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