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County Hall
October 3, 2019

Digital Transformation - Tech is the easy part, changing the people, process and culture is the hard part

A common trend we see across many digital transformation programs enterprises undergo, is that the technology is in fact the easy part of the process. The hard part is changing the people, process, and culture to fully leverage the new capabilities presented by new technology. And having a well thought out adoption plan is critical to realizing the value that digital transformation promises.

During this round table we’ll be joined by John Keegan, Deputy Director, Reliability Engineering at the Department for Work and Pension Services, as we discuss the challenges that come with people, process and culture. John will be joined by some of our other central government customers as they share their insights and demonstrate how they have approached this challenge in the industry.

Register now to join us for this session from 13.15pm – 14.45pm.

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