Perform Europe 2018 in Barcelona was a hit.

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You gain insights into the future of AI Cloud Monitoring trends and technologies, as well as stories from leading companies on how they are successfully managing a growing and complex environment.

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Listen to 25+ Industry Leaders

1000+ digital performance experts.
One location. Unrivaled learning experiences.

Discover how to reinvent digital performance with 3 days of immersive, hands-on, knowledge sharing from the best and brightest in the industry. Only here you can network and expand your knowledge, taking back information that will transform the way you and your organization will work.

  • Artificial Intelligence and IoT
  • Cloud innovation and automation
  • Container and microservices monitoring
  • DevOps best practice
  • Digital experience
  • Unified enterprise monitoring

As quoted

  • “A lot of learning about the new Dynatrace products, and how they are different” Bill Scheuernstuhl, Blue Cross Blue Shield – Kansas City

  • “Great experience, I find out every year that the company is so innovative” Moira Portaria, Bell Canada

  • “It’s not only about the product, we get best practices about how we are going to use it” Baskaran Selvaraj, Walgreens

  • “The main takeaway is how much Dynatrace is focusing on AIOps” Mick Huynh, Air Canada

Hands-on training

HOT Day sessions

Hands-on training (HOT) sessions happens the day before the conference and gets its “hot” name for a reason. We focus on the hottest technologies/environments in the market right now and provide tips for managing, implementing and building applications. Want to learn more about our HOT sessions? View HOT Day agenda.

Partner Day

Partner day

Join us for the dedicated Partner Day at Perform, Europe 2018!

The exclusive Partner Day will focus on market opportunities and how to grow your business. Hear about our strategy and vision, with our revolutionary monitoring redefined approach and leave with key takeaways, including how embracing APIs, enterprise monitoring, NoOps and AI can add value to your services.

Experience the innovation lab

Performance cafe

Bring your questions and we will bring our experts with answers.

With 26 major releases per year, Dynatrace is innovating at hyper speed. Take the opportunity to meet with our product managers, developers, architects and services team to dive deep into our solutions.

Discover how to master your current solution, or learn how our platform can help you simplify digital complexity in ways you maybe never considered.

Use the Perform App to schedule your session with an experienced APM master. Topics include performance analytics, digital experience, continuous delivery, new stack monitoring and more.

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