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Getting started with Dynatrace

This session is designed for users who are relatively new to the Dynatrace platform and want to become more familiar with the major components. Users will get hands-on experience installing OneAgents, understanding the full-stack metrics that are captured, and reviewing key use cases covered by the platform.


Full-stack self-service diagnostics with Dynatrace

One of the challenges of any monitoring project is to enable external teams to serve themselves. Monitoring teams can get overwhelmed by the pace and complexity of demands from other internal monitoring customers. This hands-on session will focus on how to level up colleagues, to become self-sufficient and deep dive into Database, CPU, Memory, Hotspot Analysis, and Log Analytics use cases.

Self-healing with Dynatrace

In this hands-on session, we will connect Dynatrace to different Ansible Tower Playbooks to self-heal an environment that is exposed to different conditions leading to an unstable application environment. For example, high load resulting in bad performance, a bad deployment leading to high failure rate, or unstable infrastructure leading to crashing systems. This session will also teach you how to leverage the auto-detected problem details and root-cause information for other common self-healing scenarios.


Power dashboarding with Dynatrace

Power dashboarding with Dynatrace is all about the new dashboarding and reporting features of the Dynatrace Platform, and how to best leverage them. New tile types and dashboarding workflows will be covered in detail through an interactive hands-on session. Key topics include management zones, and their impact on dashboarding, and reporting will also be covered.

Dynatrace managed for administrators

This training session is designed to provide a hands-on understanding around installation, configuration, and management of Dynatrace Managed Clusters. Topics included are cluster sizing, cluster node management (adding, removing, and modifying), configuration APIs for cluster management and configuration, cluster ActiveGate best practices, cluster failover and load balancing.

Web performance optimization with Dynatrace

Dynatrace provides insights into application performance from within the user’s browser or mobile device including third party services, CDN’s, frontend processing, and the impact of requests into backend services. This hands-on session explores how to analyze application performance across communities and devices to understand optimization opportunities.

Dynatrace for AppMon users

Dynatrace for AppMon users is designed to help experienced AppMon users understand the key similarities and foundational differences between Dynatrace and AppMon. Common questions from AppMon users such as, "Where is my PurePath?" and "Where is my web request dash let?" will be covered in detail. This hands-on session will also cover Dynatrace features such as, full-stack support, machine learning and AI and their impact on new and traditional application workloads in a pre-built environment provided by Dynatrace.

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