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The enterprise IT infrastructure is becoming more complex every day. Adoption of cloud-based technologies and digital footprint has added new challenges for your customers IT operations teams. With the expectation to deliver business outcomes faster with rapid application and service delivery, how do they ensure complete visibility with this complexity?

By implementing Dynatrace together with ServiceNow , you help the IT operations teams of your customers evolve from technical trouble shooting to a more business oriented focus. This will drive TCO reduction and increase cost savings by making intelligent investments.

What’s in it for your clients?

ServiceNow and Dynatrace Partnership

ServiceNow certified

Dynatrace comes integrated out-of-the-box with ServiceNow to provide customers deep-dive application performance monitoring and visibility into code level as part of a complete solution to eliminate service outages. Using Dynatrace monitoring with ServiceNow, your customers gain real time visibility into their entire technology stack, getting to the root cause in seconds, eliminating disruption to the business and proactively resolving issues before impacting their customers.

Dynatrace integrates with ServiceNow ITOM, sending events related to performance, errors, availability, disruption, etc. to Event Management, and optionally with the ServiceNow CMDB for population of CIs automatically discovered by Dynatrace.

"At Raymond James we rely on ServiceNow to understand our critical IT systems behavior and rely on it as our solution for incident management. The out of the box integration with Dynatrace solution adds tremendous value to find and analyze deep application code level problems. This joint solution helps us eliminate service outages and disruption to end users and improves our SLAs to customers."

  • Jeff Palmiero, Manager of Application Performance Monitoring

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