Dynatrace & ServiceNow - Smarter Together

Enterprise organizations needs to move faster, but lack of process and legacy tools hold you back. Every day, thousands of customer requests, IT incidents, and HR cases follow their own paths — moving back and forth between people, machines, and departments. Unstructured. Undocumented. Unimproved for years. With ServiceNow you can replace these unstructured work patterns of the past with intelligent workflows of the future.

Now every employee, customer, and machine can make requests on a single cloud platform. Every department working on these requests can assign and prioritize, collaborate, get down to root cause issues, gain real-time insights, and drive to action. Your employees are energized, your service levels improve, and you realize game-changing economics. Work at Lightspeed.

Dynatrace and ServiceNow have formed a technology partnership to resolve incidents faster and reduce MTTR. Dynatrace provides out-of-the-box integration into your ServiceNow environment with zero configuration for real-time detection and reaction to IT service related problems within your infrastructure and application environments. Integrating Dynatrace data into ServiceNow improves business service, eliminating service outages and disruption to end users.

“At Raymond James we rely on ServiceNow to understand our critical IT systems behavior and rely on it as our solution for incident management. The out of the box integration with Dynatrace solution adds tremendous value to find and analyze deep application code level problems. This joint solution helps us eliminate service outages and disruption to end users and improves our SLAs to customers.”

Achieve end‑to‑end transformation for your IT services and infrastructure through a single cloud‑based platform. ServiceNow is modernizing IT Service Management and IT Operations Management to consolidate your IT tools and proactively identify issues and automatically orchestrate remediation.

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