Pivotal Platform is now VMware Tanzu


Leading the Cloud-Native Evolution

Pivotal transforms how the world builds software. Pivotal combines the Silicon Valley state of mind, modern approach, and infrastructure with organizations’ core expertise and values.

We enable the leading companies in the world to innovate by employing an approach focused on building software.

Our methodology is about evolving, in both development and innovation, and our culture is empowering. Our team uses agile and lean approaches to teach next-generation developers to create and build new solutions. We optimize for change so enterprises can move at start-up speeds and with greater business agility.

The move to cloud computing is causing a shift in application architecture. New software patterns, collectively called "cloud-native", deliver unheard of application resilience and flexibility. This requires a new type of platform, one that supports continuous delivery and horizontal scale.

Pivotal Platform is a proven solution for companies looking to deliver a software-led digital transformation.Enabling rapid time-to-value for your custom code, Pivotal Platform also provides scalability and security through a modern, highly automated approach.

Pivotal and Dynatrace Partnership

Dynatrace is the first all-in-one, full-stack monitoring solution for Pivotal Platform. Out of the box, Dynatrace identifies all components of your Pivotal Platform environment, instruments them, dynamically baselines them, and shows you all their dependences. Within minutes. access application health, functionality and performance. Using AI, Dynatrace quickly identifies the root cause in containerized, distributed applications. Customers using Dynatrace report lowering their MTTR up to 95%.

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"The root-cause-analysis capabilities in Dynatrace products solve the new set of challenges that a Cloud Native microservices architecture creates … Dynatrace operates at a level that provides true causation across containers, VMs, and data services - not just correlation of events and log streams. Combined with Dynatrace, our customers will get root-cause analysis with powerful monitoring of apps, containers and VMs under management."

  • Joshua McKenty, Senior Director, Global Ecosystem Engineering at Pivotal

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