Leading Finnish financial services group advances toward cloud and AI-driven business transformation with Dynatrace and TCS

Best-in-class observability and automation boost performance of cloud-native environment to optimize digital banking experiences

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To enhance its digital banking experiences, the company embarked on a strategic hybrid cloud transformation, which required a modernized and dynamic approach to observability


Financial services

Aspiring to be the leading banking and financial services group in its region, the company’s vision is to deliver the best customer experience through digital services while driving cost-efficiency. To achieve this, it sought a strategic partner to support a cloud transformation journey – the largest of its kind – using an agile operating model, harnessing DevOps and automation to increase service reliability and minimize business disruption. It also wanted to maintain end-to-end visibility across its dynamic hybrid cloud technology stack with a best-of-breed observability solution that is AI-driven, highly scalable, and fully automated.

Following a rigorous selection process, the company selected leading international ICT operator Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as its strategic partner to manage and transform its IT and cloud services.

Taking a cloud-first, business-oriented approach, TCS defined and implemented a secure, resilient, and configurable bespoke solution on TCS Enterprise Cloud. A unified technology-driven target state supported the integration and orchestration of operations across multiple platforms – including mainframe, private, and public cloud.

TCS in partnership with Dynatrace is providing 'Business Experience Monitoring as a Service' through the TCS Enterprise Cloud, enabling a best-in-class observability solution as part of the holistic transformation service.

The financial services company saw significant value in Dynatrace's advanced monitoring capabilities and support for hybrid, multicloud environments.

In particular, it appreciated Dynatrace’s extensive support for Kubernetes and its multiple extensions that enable observability into legacy applications. Dynatrace’s commitment to innovation enables the bank to keep up with new technologies, continue releasing new features, and deliver better services faster.

  • Automatic and intelligent observability

    Automatic and intelligent observability provides end-to-end visibility across a hybrid, cloud-native environment. Automated deployment maximized scalability, enabling observability to be extended from 400 to 4,000 servers for more than 90 applications.

  • Advanced AI capabilities

    Advanced AI capabilities provide instant root cause analysis, reducing mean time to diagnose problems in production by up to 100% and mean time to resolution by an estimated 30%. This AI-driven event correlation has reduced the number of incidents drastically.

  • Precise insights help improve customer experience

    Precise insights help improve customer experience and optimize performance of digital services by mapping dependencies between complex applications and database calls.

  • Better business value

    Better business value as Dynatrace seamlessly integrates with the bank’s key incident management solutions, such as ServiceNow and Slack, and reduces manual effort through automation to enable self-healing capabilities.

  • Enhanced cross-team collaboration

    Enhanced cross-team collaboration enabled by equipping more than 1,100 users across both the bank and its transformation partner’s teams with the shared visibility and intelligent insights needed to drive better business outcomes.

End-to-end insights

The automatic and intelligent observability from Dynatrace has enabled the bank to gain end-to-end visibility into cloud applications and legacy infrastructure.

Faster resolutions

Insights from Dynatrace help the bank improve end-user experiences and optimize performance across its services. Dynatrace’s AI delivers instant root cause analysis, reducing mean time to diagnose problems in production by up to 100% and mean time to resolution by an estimated 30%.

Improved customer experiences

With Dynatrace, it’s easy for the bank to understand how its services are working from a customer’s perspective. Thanks to Dynatrace, its teams can now see issues they previously didn’t know existed, enabling them to focus on continually optimizing performance and enhancing services proactively.

Greater cross-team collaboration

Approximately 1,100 people across the bank and TCS’ technology and business teams are using Dynatrace. By sharing the same visibility, intelligent insights, and business metrics, teams can collaborate more easily to achieve better business outcomes.

Accelerated innovation

In the future, TCS will drive additional value with Dynatrace through ‘Monitoring as Code’ capabilities and enhancing delivery pipelines with automated quality gates to accelerate innovation.

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TCS Enterprise Cloud enables clients to build and synergize their cloud strategies by embracing new and innovative business models that deliver better customer experiences, drive resilience, and create a stronger competitive edge. Our strategic partnership ecosystem enables us to collaborate with technology providers like Dynatrace to enhance our gamut of full-stack services offered to our customers. With Dynatrace’s automatic and intelligent observability, we help our clients to strengthen the performance of their digital banking services and transform the customer experience faster.
Satishchandra Doreswamy Vice President & Global Head, TCS Enterprise Cloud, Tata Consultancy Services