Leader of Polish digital banking partners with Omnilogy to optimize performance and increase availability of client applications

End-to-end observability enables leading Polish bank to provide optimized user experience to their customers



mBank needed to increase operational efficiency, reduce the number of failures and handling time of complex environment.


Financial services

The pandemic has changed the habits of banking customers. Due to changing consumer habits, customers are increasingly embracing mobile access. This, combined with the growing number of users of the bank's mobile application (an increase of 140,000 YoY), led the bank to set the goal of creating user-friendly and intuitive mobile products with the primary objective of technical efficiency as even the best-designed application will fail if it is inaccessible at a critical moment.

To achieve this, mBank joined forces with renowned Dynatrace partner, Omnilogy, thanks to organisation’s high level of expertise in the observability landscape.

  • Continuous observability

    Full stack observability across the large, complex, and continuously scaling IT environment.

  • Faster resolution

    With the ability to identify hot spots, the bank introduced a number of proactive measures to prevent failures from occurring rather than being reactive as and when things happen.

  • Better collaboration – less war rooms

    Finger-pointing is a thing of the past. mBank can precisely identify the root cause of a problem and assign its resolution to the respective team.

  • Improved user experience

    Users can access their mobile banking application faster with less downtime.

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The concept of shift-left has gained traction in our organization. Teams previously struggled with the pressure to deliver software faster and, more often, with higher quality Thanks to Dynatrace, our teams have a tool that accelerates development productivity and reduces costs by detecting and fixing defects earlier in the product development cycle. Before Dynatrace, there was a room full of people investigating the root-cause of a problem. Now, we know what’s not working and where our teams can go in and fix the problem straight away. With the ability to identify hot spots, we have introduced a range of proactive measures to prevent failures from occurring and eliminate only acting reactively when they take place. Now, it's our infrastructure teams pointing out where the problem is instead of being pointed at as a cause. We see more, earlier.
Piotr Płaczek IT Director, mBank