Support for tags within 3rd-party problem-notification integrations

Introducing support for Apache/PHP with FastCGI

Enhanced IBM WebSphere Application Server support

Performance monitoring with certified ServiceNow integration

Please update your email problem-notification filter/routing settings

‘Dynatrace Ruxit’ becomes ‘Dynatrace’

Introducing the Time frame selector

User action detail page enhancements

Create and share custom dashboards!

Integrated user-behavior & performance analysis views

Network overview page & dashboard tile

Mobile HTTP request performance & error rates

Traffic spikes & drops now separately detectable

Monitor service and process availability

Outlier Analysis – The power of tracking every single transaction

Introducing Redis server monitoring

Beta availability of PHP 7 support

Mobile-device emulation for web checks

Web check device profiles & frequency estimates

Analysis of individual service instances

Custom monitoring plugins now available (EAP)

4 Azure secrets you’ll be glad to know about

Organize monitored components with tags

iOS and Android mobile app monitoring (beta)