New version of mobile app (iOS, Android)

How to monitor Docker containers

24/7 availability monitoring now available!

See how queue interactions contribute to response time

restify and connect support for Node.js

Top Docker influencers to follow

New design for browser breakdowns

Visibility into slowest regions and highest JavaScript error counts

Service availability now detected

Support for RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, HornetQ, & JBossMQ

CPU consumption of services and processes

Dynatrace integrates CloudWatch API for full-stack AWS monitoring

Application overview enhancements. Plus Hyperlyzer!

Automatic naming of XHR user actions based on URL

New Services Overview tile

Coding #LikeAGirl

Materials for Fluent Talk about W3C Web Performance APIs

Application and User action tile enhancements

Ignore recurring JavaScript errors

Failure analysis includes exception stack traces

CPU consumption of top service requests

Newsletter: Feature unlocked – Dynatrace .NET monitoring

Simplified custom-service setup

Create and monitor custom user actions