Sweet32 vulnerability (Birthday attacks on 64-bit block ciphers)

What is Sweet32 vulnerability?

Legacy block ciphers having a block size of 64 bits are vulnerable to a practical collision attack when used in CBC mode. All versions of the SSL/TLS protocols that support cipher suites which use 3DES as the symmetric encryption cipher are affected. The DES and Triple DES ciphers, as used in the TLS, SSH, and IPSec protocols and other protocols and products, have a birthday bound of approximately four billion blocks, which makes it easier for remote attackers to obtain cleartext data via a birthday attack against a long-duration encrypted session, as demonstrated by an HTTPS session using Triple DES in CBC mode, aka a “Sweet32” attack. The vulnerability was discovered in 2016.


Only Data Center RUM 12.4.10 and earlier may be affected. Release 12.4.12 comes with enhanced SSL configuration where only secure cipher suites are allowed and use of well known weak cipher suites was disabled, so installing SP12 will address this security vulnerability.


Disable use of 3DES cipher suites. See Securing AMD for details.

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