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Events in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Oct 3, 2019

PerformGo! London

Learn, network, and be inspired. For one day only, we are bringing together technical experts, industry leaders, and some of the UK's biggest brands to London for our cloud innovation conference, PerformGo! London

Sep 12, 2019

PerformGo! Berlin

Mit Lichtgeschwindigkeit in die digitale Zukunft! Lernen, vernetzen und inspirieren lassen. An diesem Tag bringen wir technische Experten, Branchenführer und namhafte Unternehmen aus Deutschland zu unserer Cloud Innovation Conference PerformGo! Berlin zusammen. PerformGo! Berlin wird die Veranstaltung sein, an welcher Branchenführer und erfahrene Technologen zusammenkommen, um zu lernen, wie Innovationen rascher vorangetrieben, das unternehmerische Denken sich verändert und Unternehmen auch in einem immer komplexeren Softwareuniversum erfolgreich sein können. Erleben Sie mit uns eine rundum interessante Veranstaltung, an der die Teilnehmer von den wichtigsten technischen und business-relevaten Inhalten zu Software-Intelligenz, Enterprise Cloud Transformation, AIOps, BizDevOps, Autonomous Cloud und Digital Experience profitieren.

Jun 18, 2019 - Jun 18, 2019

ITSM – IT Service Management

We focus on this event on automation and optimization of IT operations based on ITSM and software robots. It is more important than ever to keep track of the core tasks of the company's IT operations. From monitoring the systems to deploying applications, managing the service desk and all the challenges with IT security: All the basic processes must be managed, and IT service management plays a crucial role here.

Jun 6, 2019 - Jun 6, 2019

CTG MoveIT 2019

CTG understands that setting the right course for your organisation can be a difficult task. That’s why, for the next stage of our moveIT journey, we invite you to explore the DevOps realisations and challenges that organisations are experiencing today.

May 27, 2019 - May 28, 2019

BizOps Forum

The BizOps Forum - the agile IT management and agile IT automation conference - provides a cross-vendor platform to discuss, evaluate, and validate key points of the new commonality between business and IT. Andreas Grabner, Dynatrace will be taking to stage on both days.

Jul 4, 2019 - Jul 4, 2019

Dynatrace User Group North

Join us for Dynatrace User Group North on July 4th 2019 at Newcastle Building Society. We wanted to create an informal 'get together' where over a couple of hours, you can meet your peers and colleagues whilst hearing the latest news from Dynatrace, together with innovative user cases and customer stories.

Jun 25, 2019 - Jun 25, 2019

Neotys – Ramp Up London 2019

The Neotys Ramp Up is designed to enable maximum networking: it is a great opportunity to meet fellow Neotys customers and performance testing experts to learn how they overcome the challenges of performance testing for the Enterprise, accelerating testing cycles in traditional environments and integrating performance testing into their Agile/DevOps pipelines.

May 7, 2019 - May 7, 2019

AWS Summit Madrid

Join the AWS Summit in Madrid and learn how the cloud is accelerating innovation in businesses of all sizes.

May 20, 2019 - May 23, 2019


KubeCon + CloudNativeCon brings together leading contributors in cloud native applications and computing, containers, microservices, central orchestration processing, and related projects to further cloud native education. This summit provides a platform for showcasing a full range of technologies that support the cloud native ecosystem.

May 8, 2019

AWS Summit London

Whether you are new to the cloud or an experienced user, you will learn something new at this immersive one-day event where innovation and technology converge. This free event features global keynote announcements, networking, multiple breakout sessions on the latest cloud technology solutions, access to AWS experts, hands-on learning, and an even bigger solution expo.

Apr 24, 2019 - Apr 25, 2019

Microsoft Ignite | The Tour Stockholm

Learn new ways to code, optimize your cloud infrastructure, and modernize your organization with deep technical training.

Apr 17, 2019

AWS Summit Amsterdam

Join the AWS Summit Amsterdam, meet our local team and learn how the cloud is accelerating innovation in businesses of all sizes.

Jun 18, 2019 - Jun 19, 2019

Convention CRiP 2019

Rencontrez Dynatrace à la Convention annuelle du CRiP ! Un rendez-vous incontournable pour les DSI, CTO, Responsables d'Infrastructure, de Technologies, de Production et d'Innovation IT. Témoignage d’ADEO à ne pas manquer !

Apr 11, 2019

CRiP Thématique Applications & Infrastructures | Paris

Une matinée pour découvrir des solutions permettant d’améliorer la performance, amener plus de disponibilité, améliorer la qualité de service et réduire les coûts. La Bibliothèque nationale de France dévoile comment elle optimise son e-service public grâce à Dynatrace.

Apr 3, 2019

Run Digital Platform | Paris

Run Digital Platform concentre en un même lieu toute l'offre dédiée à la performance SI. Demandez votre rendez-vous avec Dynatrace pour découvrir une solution de monitoring unique, et assistez au témoignage du Crédit Agricole.

Apr 2, 2019

AWS Summit Paris

Rencontrez Dynatrace à l’AWS Summit Paris [stand n°6] et assistez au témoignage de Nexity à 12h45! Entrée gratuite.

Mar 18, 2019 - Mar 19, 2019

Pivotal SpringOne Tour London

Mar 12, 2019

AWS Summit Milan

Feb 26, 2019 - Feb 27, 2019

AWS Summit Berlin

Jan 31, 2019 - Feb 1, 2019

Microsoft Ignite | The Tour – Milan

Mar 20, 2019 - Mar 21, 2019

Microsoft Ignite | The Tour Amsterdam

Feb 26, 2019 - Feb 27, 2019

Microsoft Ignite | The Tour London

Jan 30, 2019

OpenShift Commons Gathering

Dec 13, 2018

AWS re:Invent Recap Event Bussum