Boston, MA – January 12, 2016 — Digital Performance software company, Dynatrace, today announced that SailPoint, the leader in identity and access management (IAM), has selected Dynatrace SaaS’ system-level monitoring and application performance management (APM) capabilities to help monitor its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution across its global customer portfolio.

SailPoint chose Dynatrace SaaS for its easy integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and deep visibility into performance issues from the customer perspective. Since SailPoint’s IdentityNow solution is hosted on AWS, Dynatrace SaaS’ ability to auto-detect AWS resources was important to SailPoint. Dynatrace SaaS is able to automatically discover and map the dependencies between applications, services, processes and AWS infrastructure components, eliminating blind spots that other monitoring solutions can’t uncover.

“It’s critical to SailPoint that we have full visibility into AWS and how it’s affecting IdentityNow’s performance,” said Marty Bowers, Manager of DevOps at SailPoint. “Dynatrace SaaS gives us increased visibility into our environment with system-level monitoring and immediate communication on what the customer impact is, which is extremely valuable.”

Because Dynatrace SaaS is a SaaS product, SailPoint also saves the company resources by not having to provision and maintain additional servers for a self-hosted APM solution.

“Dynatrace SaaS’ proficiency at drilling down to the root cause of issues is exceptional, so we’re able to get in front of problems quickly, and deliver the best customer experiences possible,” said Bowers. “We were also blown away by Dynatrace SaaS’ integration with AWS, it is far more user-friendly and powerful than other solutions, which makes it a natural fit for us. Overall, it’s the best holistic approach to APM with a user-oriented view that we’ve found to be unique in the APM space.”

For more information on Dynatrace SaaS and its application performance management solutions, click here.