Boston, MA — September 27, 2016 — The latest addition to the executive ranks at Dynatrace is Marc Olesen, senior vice president and general manager of digital experience (DX). Marc comes to Dynatrace with more than 25 years of Silicon Valley technology experience. As the previous head of cloud-focused business units at Splunk, McAfee and Mercury Interactive, he has a particularly strong track record of building successful teams in the enterprise cloud space. Well versed in bringing cloud offerings to market and operating efficient business units, he is uniquely positioned to lead Dynatrace’s DX business into its next phase of growth.

We caught up with Marc who shared his thoughts on his transition into the role, why he chose Dynatrace, and how he sees the future of APM software evolving. Take it from Marc, slow and steady does not win the race – in business or in life.

Share with us a little about yourself.

I grew up in Ottawa, Ontario where it was almost required that everybody learned to skate before they could walk. As a kid, I loved playing hockey, soccer and many other competitive sports. I started running track in middle school and later became the first Canadian high school student to break the four minute mile. My passion for racing brought me first to the Stanford varsity track team and then to the professional circuit where I competed for several years after graduating. I still enjoy playing hockey, I’m an avid skier and love to be outside and active with my wife and four daughters.

Where has your career taken you?

Software and services has been the cornerstone of my career with particular depth in data analytics, security and application performance. Following my tour at Oracle and Remedy, I joined KPMG and became one of the founding employees of Qwest Cyber Solutions (a joint venture of Qwest and KPMG.) We were delivering “cloud” services before they were called cloud! In 2003, I joined Mercury Interactive, a market leader in IT software, where I served as vice president of their Software-as-a-Service business. After Mercury, I led the Cloud & Network Security businesses at McAfee and sold an early-stage startup to MobileIron. Most recently, I was senior vice president and general manager of cloud solutions at Splunk.

What led you to grow a career in SaaS?

During my time at KPMG Consulting, I saw firsthand how difficult it was for organizations to run, operate and maintain enterprise software. That experience propelled me to help customers reap the benefits of software without the operational burden. I’ve seen SaaS or cloud-based services evolve over the last 15+ years and deliver value to countless customers who haven’t had the technical expertise to deploy software on-premises. The speed and innovation of SaaS makes it an exciting journey to be on!

What‘s your most significant career achievement?

My career passion has been to build, lead and scale high performing teams. Establishing a culture of trust, empowerment and creativity that enables teams to achieve far more than anyone thought was possible is extremely gratifying. Throughout my career, the opportunity to contribute to the success of the organization by helping each team member develop their talent and expand their contribution through coaching, hard work and resiliency are some of my most fulfilling achievements.

What does digital transformation mean to the APM industry?

We’re at the very early stages of the digital transformation journey. It’s driving new revenue streams and differentiated customer experiences. APM is a core enabler for businesses to successfully digitize their operations and selling channels. That’s why Dynatrace has championed Digital Performance Management (DPM), embedding monitoring and diagnostics in the digital experience lifecycle. These advanced capabilities make it easier to analyze the data, automate business insights and deliver real-time value to IT and business owners. The journey continues!

What convinced you to join Dynatrace?

Simply put, the market, technology and people. As the clear market leader in APM, and the DPM visionary, Dynatrace has innovative technology and outstanding talent. With entire industries undertaking massive digital transformations, revenue and productivity center on how users experience their applications. In the digital customer era, Dynatrace is in prime position to help businesses optimize their customer experience and increase revenue through digital channels. I’m proud to be part of the team and look forward to meeting our community of customers, partners and employees across the globe.