Dynatrace PERFORM Global User Conference, ORLANDO — October 14, 2015 — Digital Performance software company, Dynatrace, today unveiled its strategy for driving businesses’ full-on digital future at its annual user conference, PERFORM 2015. Customers at the event overwhelmingly confirm that digital is disrupting organizations from every sector and corner of the world, and Dynatrace is their partner of choice to help them redefine how development, IT operations and the business collaborate to compete and succeed in a digital-first world.

“Businesses are no longer selling products or services; they are selling experiences and outcomes – it’s really a battle for keeping brand promises,” says PERFORM 2015 keynote speaker R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst of Constellation Research and author of Disrupting Digital Business. “Digital performance management is absolutely essential to delivering on customer experiences. Given the complexity of development, content and strategy, more and more clients will run digital performance solutions in parallel with their design efforts as well. They can expect digital performance management to be a key work stream in their ideation and prototyping phases to improve time-to-market.”

Dynatrace revealed the world’s first Digital Experience Center (DEC), demonstrating its capabilities live to press, analysts, influencers and customers. Just as the network operations center (NOC) became the technically-focused command center for IT infrastructure management, the DEC is the business-focused command center of the future, providing the critical, real-time reflection of all customer experiences that will enable organizations to holistically, accurately and proactively measure and manage their digital businesses.

Powered by Dynatrace’s latest user experience management (UEM) open framework, the DEC enables business stakeholders to see how customers are experiencing their services, in real-time, across digital and physical channels. Companies can now bring together user experience, conversion metrics, social, location and other third-party data in a single, real-time, business cockpit. The DEC further enables clean and simple handoffs to technical counterparts to address potential issues immediately.

“In today’s digital economy, apps are literally a company’s brand,” said John Van Siclen, CEO of Dynatrace. “And these apps have become so sophisticated and interconnected that businesses are able to turn what were complex physical interactions into digital ones to provide superior customer experiences. Moreover, the rapid adoption of containers, micro-services and cloud is creating incredibly complex performance environments. This shift into digital overdrive is fueling the move from classic application performance management to digital performance management, where APM expands to include holistic customer experience data and can scale to manage micro-services and Internet of Things environments.”

Dynatrace’s Vision: Customer-driven performance is a corporate mandate that requires a holistic strategy.

The digital revolution is changing customers’ behaviors and expectations. Each customer demands exceptional experiences and sees their experience as unique, so businesses must deliver outstanding digital experiences every time, at scale and in a multitude of user contexts. Market leaders and fast followers understand that their customers’ and users’ digital experiences will determine their success or failure, making digital performance a foundational corporate mandate from here on. Dynatrace is fully committed to driving this vision.

With digital performance management, dev, ops and business teams can focus on business outcomes. With customer experience as the driver, they can approach improvement in all areas of the company from this unified point of view. This is the essence of digital performance — seamlessly tracking and analyzing every digital touch by every customer and delivering actionable insight and analytics for business, operations and development based on unified data.

Since PERFORM 2014, the company has seen dramatically increased interest, focus and adoption of digital performance solutions from its more than 7,500 customers around the globe:

  • PERFORM 2015: the first and only digital performance management conference of its kind – has more than doubled attendance over last year’s conference, with local PERFORM Days and User Groups attracting more than 3,000 attendees from 41 countries.
  • C-Level decision makers are embracing digital performance. High-level business leaders are meeting this week at PERFORM in an exclusive executive track to discuss digital transformation and the strategies needed to succeed. Dynatrace will hold executive roundtable meetings around the world in the coming year to help scores of CEOs, CMOs, CDOs, CIOs and senior executives as they guide their organizations into their digital future.
  • Companies like Dynatrace customer Natura have fully integrated this approach, using the lens of customer experience-focused digital performance to measure success across their organization. The company has implemented a Consulting Experience Center where they monitor their millions of consultants and proactively reach out to help them work within their portal to get the best possible experience.
  • The Dynatrace APM Community has surged in membership to more than 110,000 members worldwide, making this community of performance-focused professionals larger than the population of 34 countries. Digital performance is a dominant topic among peer-to-peer discussions.

Dynatrace also announced a new and innovative business-focused service called Insights, a fully managed solution that gives business stakeholders insight into their mobile and web channels’ performance. The service includes daily and monthly digital performance reports, including up-to-the-minute industry benchmarks, and proactive recommendations on improving customer experience.

“Customer expectations and application complexity are both skyrocketing. Traditional APM alone, built primarily on reactive, IT-centric metrics, has to evolve. Digital performance management will take its place because the only way to manage this proliferating complexity is to address it holistically, from a single lense: customer experience,” added Van Siclen. “Digital performance brings all stakeholders together—business, IT and development—to give customers frictionless experiences that build trust and engagement and, most importantly, maximize revenue. It’s a future-proof approach that will eliminate the pending paralysis that organizations depending on traditional or siloed APM solutions will face.”