Boston, MA — October 25, 2016 — Digital Performance Management software company, Dynatrace today announced the availability of the first enterprise-ready OpenStack monitoringsolution. Dynatrace will provide OpenStack users with the ability to confidently manage and control the performance of applications running in OpenStack environments, using the industry’s premier Digital Performance Platform; trusted by over 8,000 global customers.

“The agility and cost-efficiency enabled by OpenStack has been a major draw to businesses of all shapes and sizes,” said Alois Reitbauer, Chief Technical Strategist and Head of Innovation Lab at Dynatrace. “However, the absence of an enterprise-grade monitoring solution has left users with a major blind-spot. Until now, businesses have had no visibility into how OpenStack infrastructure is impacting on the performance of digital services. Dynatrace solves this by providing end-to-end visibility into the service delivery chain; from the user device, to the application; right down to the underlying cloud infrastructure. This enables IT teams to identify and proactively fix problems before they impact the user-experience, as well as providing visibility across the customer journey to highlight the business impact of performance in OpenStack environments.”

OpenStack is fast-becoming an integral foundation of IT infrastructure as enterprises continue to make serious investments in the cloud. Industry analyst 451 Group forecasts that the OpenStack market will grow from $1.8bn in 2016 to exceed $5bn by 2020. Dynatrace will support this rapid growth, by making the transition to OpenStack not only smoother, quicker, and more transparent, but also more successful, faster, and cheaper. Users can obtain complete visibility into how cloud resources are utilized, so they can optimize them for maximum cost-efficiency and performance.

“Today’s digital businesses are under constant pressure to build continuous quality into continuous delivery,” continued Reitbauer. “That means there’s no time to waste playing the blame game or trawling through performance logs when problems occur; businesses just need to identify the cause and get it fixed – fast. As such, they need a performance monitoring solution that works out-of-the-box and provides IT teams with answers, not questions. Dynatrace provides the support that organizations need to foster a DevOps culture that addresses these challenges, whilst also providing the reassurance that OpenStack adoption isn’t creating performance blind-spots.”

Dynatrace is the first enterprise-ready monitoring solution available for OpenStack environments, supporting distributions from the likes of Mirantis and SUSE.

“Business and IT users of Mirantis OpenStack clouds with Dynatrace can now access real-time, actionable information about the digital performance of their business-critical cloud environments,” said Kamesh Pemmaraju, VP of Product Marketing at Mirantis.

“SUSE is excited to hear about this new capability in the Dynatrace solution because it will allow SUSE OpenStack Cloud customers to tune their cloud environment based on real-time usage data” said Pete Chadwick, Director of Product Management for Cloud and Systems Management at SUSE. “As more businesses deploy OpenStack in production, the ability for them to quickly pinpoint performance issues will be essential.”

Dynatrace will be demoing its latest solutions at the OpenStack Summit, October 25-28, 2016, in Barcelona, Spain at Booth B26.