Boston, MA — May 23, 2016 — Digital Performance Management software company, Dynatrace, today announced that it has become a silver member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, home of the industry-standard platform for developing and deploying cloud applications. Dynatrace empowers Cloud Foundry users with the industry’s only lifecycle performance management capabilities — giving them deep visibility, control and confidence when building, deploying and managing applications on the Cloud Foundry platform.

“Enabling enterprises to deliver cloud deployments tailored to their organizational needs is a top priority at the Cloud Foundry Foundation,” said Sam Ramji, CEO at the Cloud Foundry Foundation. “Cloud migration and cloud native initiatives are on everyone’s agendas, so there’s a critical need for solutions that enable seamless migrations. Dynatrace is a natural fit for the Cloud Foundry as its solutions not only decrease deployment time, they also enable IT teams to prioritize activities based on customer or user impact and other key business data.”

Enterprises are making serious investments in transitioning to the cloud. Cloud Foundry is one of the most ubiquitous and flexible platforms to enable this digital transformation ― supporting public, private and hybrid cloud environments and empowering companies to cut development time to just days or hours. The speed and complexity inherent in developing, deploying and managing these applications requires complete visibility and control. The Dynatrace Digital Performance Management platform provides DevOps teams with real-time continuous feedback during sprints and deep visibility in production enabling them to build and maintain higher quality elastic cloud applications faster. As they adapt to this new, dynamic model, they can leverage the speed and flexibility of Cloud Foundry with confidence.

“As one of the leading cloud development platforms, the Cloud Foundry shares our commitment to building continuous quality into continuous delivery,” said Rob Cohen, Vice President of Strategic Business Development at Dynatrace. “Whether building cloud native apps or migrating enterprise apps to the cloud, incorporating Dynatrace performance management into Cloud Foundry environments will enable DevOps teams to go from idea to production faster and with greater confidence.”

Dynatrace agents are available to all Cloud Foundry users through easy-to-deploy buildpacks, making it simple to find and fix digital performance shortcomings and customer experience issues in real-time.

For more information, please visit: /technologies/cloud-and-microservices/cloud-foundry-monitoring/.

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