Boston, MA — December 8, 2015 — Digital Performance Management company Dynatrace, today announced it is the first application performance management (APM) vendor to be certified by IBM as ‘Ready for IBM Commerce.’ This integration between IBM WebSphere Commerce and Dynatrace provides retailer’s IT operations teams with deep insight into all tiers, from browser to database, including process, infrastructure and third-party health and contribution time for each and every single user transaction.

The integration reinforces IBM’s vision by delivering real-time insights into each customer interaction combined with granular application performance data to ensure issues with conversions, abandonment, revenue and user experience can now easily be identified, shared between business and IT and resolved. IT Operations are able to manage production e-commerce sites with minimal resource while increasing service levels to the business, and providing outstanding digital user experience to customers.

Today’s consumers are digital, demanding and empowered. They expect seamless shopping experiences from every device—smartphones, tablets and PCs. In this complex paradigm, companies must understand, manage and optimize every digital experience across every channel or risk losing revenue, loyalty and brand image.

The Dynatrace FastPack for IBM WebSphere Commerce ensures IT operations deliver against these consumer expectations through proactive application monitoring to anticipate problems well before the application breaks. Smart, adaptive alerts detail exactly which application component is accountable for the performance issue, removing the need for time consuming problem reproduction by pinpointing the issue with code level detail.

Operations can isolate problem transactions and share this code level view with dev and test teams so a fix can be engineered. Additionally, the original problem transaction can be compared against the new code in a regression test to ensure performance is improved and other regressions are not introduced before code moves into production.

War rooms become a thing of the past; no longer does IT have to waste time in long and unproductive war rooms sifting through logs, looking at disparate tools and reports and conference calling various third-parties like CDN, ISP and hosting providers.

“We are very excited about this new partnership between IBM Commerce and Dynatrace,” said Tom Kotlarek, Executive Vice President and Technology Lead at Rosetta. “This integration makes it easy for IBM Commerce customers to engineer performance into projects from day one to support the flawless digital experiences digital customers have come to expect, while driving down project delivery timelines.”

Dynatrace’s IBM WebSphere Commerce FastPack is available now to IBM customers. Organizations not yet using Dynatrace solutions can also try Dynatrace free for 30-days.

Jeremy White, Vice President of Information Technology at Nebraska Book Company, a customer who uses both IBM Commerce and Dynatrace, said: “Having Dynatrace in our production environment enables us to immediately identify where a problem is, quantify the business impact and share root cause data with our internal production teams and our digital agency to ensure any incident causes minimal impact to our end users.”

“Today’s always-on customers are empowered, expecting unique experiences from any device, throughout their shopping journeys. An unavailable or underperforming experience is proven to result in lost sales for the brand,” said Adam Orentlicher, director, IBM Commerce. “This collaboration with Dynatrace gives brands insights they need to proactively address performance concerns, derive maximum value from their IBM Commerce investments, and provide their customers a delightful experience.”

“We are very proud to be the first digital performance management vendor certified ‘Ready for IBM Commerce’. This validation from one of the world’s most trusted providers of omnichannel commerce solutions confirms that digital performance is critical to business success and that Dynatrace is the partner of choice,” said Nicolas Robbe, Chief Marketing Officer at Dynatrace. “IBM’s approach has created a new paradigm for e-commerce, and Dynatrace can now directly help IBM customers around the world to differentiate through a superior digital experience.”

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