Dynatrace PERFORM Global User Conference, ORLANDO — October 15, 2015 — Digital Performance software company Dynatrace announced a series of new solutions and services built to help companies meet the challenges of managing today’s and tomorrow’s software applications, and capture the opportunity offered by the digital economy. Highlights of Dynatrace’s continued innovation unveiled today include new performance, competitive and user analytics powered by collective intelligence; new automation for cloud and continuous delivery environment; support for next-generation virtual network environments; and a new “free for life” version of Dynatrace Application Monitoring and User Experience Management (UEM) – the industry’s most trusted application performance technology – for developers and testers.

Today’s announcements are part of Dynatrace’s strategy to provide the essential digital performance platform for companies to manage their complete digital infrastructure. With the overwhelming shift toward online or mobile services at all touchpoints, customers’ digital experiences are now the most important factor in growing sales, loyalty and bottom-line business results.

In addition to growing customer expectations, today’s application delivery and operations environment is more complex than ever before, driven by the fragmentation of mobile devices, the explosion of micro-services and containers, and the fast growth of the Internet of Things. This perfect storm means that companies need a new generation of digital performance solutions that are designed for optimizing users’ experiences, can handle the complexity and breadth of technologies behind each digital services and interaction, and enable extreme collaboration between development, IT operations and digital business teams.

New Dynatrace Solutions Help Organizations Achieve Their Digital Business Goals

Dynatrace APMaaS now has four expanded capabilities that simplify the understanding and optimization of the user experience “value chain” and improve competitive positioning:

  • Digital Performance Intelligence: Provides an all-new means of analyzing digital performance from the end-user’s perspective for digital business owners, including e-commerce, mobile and digital marketing leaders. Digital Performance Intelligence synthesizes Dynatrace’s industry-leading mobile and web site performance benchmark data including thousands of third-party services. A new NoSQL big-data analytics engine processes competitive site comparisons and third-party performance benchmarks in real-time.
  • PureLytics for Synthetic Monitoring: Dynatrace PureLytics for Synthetic Monitoring, now available as an extended capability for Synthetic Monitoring subscribers, unlocks answers to issues before questions are asked. Based on millions of performance signals a day, the PureLytics analytics engine synthesizes issue patterns to identify root cause from your site’s historical behavior and the behavior of digital services used across the Internet.
  • Digital Performance Insights: Digital Performance Insights is an innovative service that delivers ongoing competitive performance reports and improvement opportunities on a company’s site or app. This fully managed consulting service is now available for all Dynatrace APMaaS customers. This service enables any digital business owner seeking to maximize their online investments to tap into the industry most seasoned experts in mobile and web performance optimization. The service includes ongoing measurements, daily and monthly digital performance reports, including up-to-the-minute industry benchmarks and proactive recommendations on improving customer experience.
  • Keynote PurePath Integration: Now Keynote Synthetic Monitoring customers can trace discrete transactions from the edge of the Internet thru the cloud and data center, down to individual lines of code, powered by out-of-the-box integration with Dynatrace Application Monitoring. With the powerful analysis capabilities of PurePath, a single click on anomalies identified by Keynote measurements generates instant analysis, in context.

Enhancements to Dynatrace Application Monitoring & UEM

  • Instant Automation. Pre-built automation blueprints for Chef, Puppet, Ansible and Powershell are now available on GitHub. Whatever your operating environment, from public or private cloud to on-prem, deploying Dynatrace as part of your continuous delivery and deployment automation framework has never been simpler.
  • Open Business Dashboards. Dynatrace 6.2.2 now provides an open user interface where external content and analytics can be added into business dashboards. Contextual information like user analytics data, social data and marketing data from tools like Google Analytics or Marketo, can be easily presented alongside performance data to create a complete Digital Experience Center.
  • User Behavior Analytics. A new real-time User Behavior Analytics dashboard comes out-of-the-box, and provides instant answers to questions like:
    • What is the average time a user spent on my site?
    • What geographic segment is currently most active?
    • What channels (mobile app, mobile web, or web) are users active on right now?

New Free-for-Life Dynatrace Personal License:

As part of its commitment to the IT community, and its support of organizations’ focus on DevOps and continuous delivery, Dynatrace is giving developers, testers and performance specialists free, lifetime access to the industry’s most advanced performance management solution.

  • Dynatrace Personal License. Dynatrace is now offering the full product functionality of Dynatrace Application Monitoring and UEM – not just for a 30-day trial period, but for a lifetime. Dynatrace Personal License enables teams to find problems earlier in the lifecycle and empowers developers and testers to level-up their contributions to the business. Results include: higher quality software that gets pushed to production, shorter release cycles, less time spent in war rooms, better collaboration with peers and more time for developers to innovate instead of fixing bugs.

Dynatrace Data Center RUM 12.4:

With the rise of software-defined data centers and virtualized infrastructures, traffic patterns are becoming increasingly volatile and complex to monitor, creating new challenges for operations team to ensure smooth operations and quick troubleshooting. Dynatrace Data Center RUM 12.4, the most trusted unified network and application monitoring solution, is bringing new capability to address this critical set of challenges.

  • Visibility into Virtual Networks. DC RUM 12.4 introduces auto-discovery and monitoring of VLANs, tunnels, QoS, cloud services and more. IT operations and network performance teams can now gain visibility into how the virtualized infrastructure delivers applications, and provides flawless service delivery.
  • 20 Gbps Scalability. Manage the most demanding data center workloads without losing transactional fidelity. Unlike other offerings that deliver simple TCP metrics, DC RUM maintains user and transactional visibility at speeds of 20 Gbps with a single software-based probe.
  • Universal Decode. The Universal Decode enables rapid prototyping and delivery of new transaction-oriented analysis modules. DC RUM 12.4 introduces a software development kit (SDK), complete with example decode scripts for BEA WebLogic T3 and ISO 8583, the financial industry’s transaction protocol standard.

“The wide array of new digital performance management advancements we are announcing today give all stakeholders, business, IT and development, powerful new capabilities and services designed specifically to help their organizations compete, succeed and thrive in today’s digitally-driven world,” said Steve Tack, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Dynatrace. “Today’s modern businesses differentiate themselves in three key areas – customer experience, continuous delivery and operational excellence. The digital performance management solutions and innovations we’re bringing to market now, and those we will be rolling out in the coming months, provide an unmatched platform that enables them to excel in each.”