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Webinar Mar 14, 2019 11:00 am CET

Demo Dynatrace: Monitorización de microservicios y contenedores

Es fácil entender el atractivo de desarrollar software con contenedores y microservicios: estandariza, simplifica y acelera el lanzamiento de aplicaciones. Estas arquitecturas dinámicas e hipercomplejas requieren una monitorización completamente nueva; automatizada e impulsada por Inteligencia Artificial. Te invitamos a descubrirla en este webinar.

Dynatrace demos on demand


Monitoring Cloud Foundry with Dynatrace

Running apps on Cloud Foundry? Or operating Cloud Foundry? This episode is for you! See our first release of the out-of-the-box Cloud Foundry infrastructure dashboard in action, how Dynatrace auto-detects your microservice dependencies and provides code-level depth. Learn how bringing all your involved parties together to work with one solution drastically increases customer satisfaction and reduces mean time to repair.


Démo Session Replay : Capturez l’expérience intégrale de vos utilisateurs

Découvrez Session Replay, la toute dernière fonctionnalité de Dynatrace qui permet de capturer l’expérience digitale intégrale des utilisateurs; de la transférer vers une interface de rejeu tel un film que l’on repasse ; puis d’indexer les données pour faciliter la recherche des incidents et la découverte de leur origine.


Monitoring Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Environments

In this webinar series, we are tackling some of the biggest challenges organizations face when migrating and managing enterprise cloud environments. Join Daniel Kaar, Dynatrace expert, as he shows how software intelligence allows you to: - Get deeper operational insights into your enterprise cloud environment - Gain microservice level visibility without complex instrumentation - Find new ways to automate your operations and accelerate innovation


Managing Enterprise Cloud Complexity

What is the enterprise cloud? Dive into this topic and learn about the challenges most organizations are dealing with. Watch how Dynatrace tackles these challenges through live auto-modeling of complex application deployments and a deterministic AI operating with cause-and-effect knowledge. But also tailored out-of-the-box dashboards and integrations with the key cloud stack vendors are much appreciated across Dynatrace users.


Powering Driverless IT

Learn how Dynatrace is used as a key pillar in modern IT management. Watch how Dynatrace's purpose-built AI aggregates millions of events with cause-and-effect relationships and produces results you can comprehend and trust. Understand the power of APIs and how they are used to weave Dynatrace into your IT management ecosystem, from load-testing to service management and auto-remediation.


User Complaint Resolution with Session Replay

Learn about different use-cases of Real User Monitoring and who benefits from them, dive into user session analysis and learn how it helps your organization and finally watch how Dynatrace Session Replay adds a whole new dimension to troubleshooting user problems and understanding user behavior.


Innovate with Confidence – Continuous Delivery

Learn how Dynatrace helps you further automate your continuous delivery processes. See Dynatrace as an AI powered platform giving green light on a build and triggering a rollback in case a bad build made it to production. Watch it in action with the example of AWS CodePipeline and CodeDeploy.


Monitoring Apps on Microsoft Azure

See the most complete picture–Apps and Cloud Services–of your Azure deployments with Dynatrace. Watch how Dynatrace's AI automatically detects any anomalies in your Azure deployments. Learn more about the integration and the upcoming Azure dashboard.


Monitoring Apps on AWS

Learn about monitoring use cases for cloud deployments or during cloud migrations. See the benefit of a single pane of glass – AWS Cloudwatch and application monitoring data on one screen. Understand how AI auto discovers your AWS deployments and helps you with root cause analysis


SAP Cloud Platform Monitoring

Hear about your benefits of the SAP partnership with Dynatrace. Understand the power of using Dynatrace early in the development cycle for your SAP cloud platform apps. Witness the ease of getting started with Dynatrace and see a live install.


Monitoring IoT Apps

Learn about different domains of IoT and dive into IoT applications. Watch how Dynatrace monitors IoT applications end-to-end. See IoT application insights delivered by Dynatrace


Managing Cloud Migrations

Learn about monitoring use cases during cloud migrations. See how Dynatrace supports you through the process with e.g. auto-discovery and dependency analysis of enterprise and cloud deployments. Watch how Dynatrace's AI has you covered at all times notifying about any problem that occurs.


Monitoring Openshift

Understand the power of unified monitoring of OpenShift and applications running on it. Learn how the Dynatrace OneAgent technology implements with only a single touch. See how our AI helps you manage next gen PaaS offerings and apps


Omnichannel Monitoring

Learn what business insights are delivered through monitoring real users. Understand how Dynatrace detects recurring users across devices. Learn about use-cases from various target audiences.


Managing Microservices

Learn about the challenges of microservice-based architectures. Understand how Dynatrace's automated service detection is of enormous benefit. Watch how a microservice-based architecture gets scrutinized


AI Powered Monitoring

Learn about Dynatrace's smart way to reduce your monitoring efforts. Understand how Dynatrace monitors your application with deep cause-and-effect insights. See how AI helps you to identify the root cause of complex problems in minutes.


Unified Monitoring

Learn how Dynatrace unifies monitoring by bringing infrastructure, virtualization, network, containers, logs, processes, DBs, application code, synthetic and real user monitoring together in one place. See how Dynatrace's AI utilizes that to identify impact and root-cause of any anomaly of any monitored entity. Learn why network insights and logs are critical to automated root cause analysis.


Monitoring Cloud Foundry

Understand the power of unified monitoring of Cloud Foundry infrastructure and applications running on it. Learn how the Dynatrace OneAgent technology implements that with only a single touch. See how our AI helps you managing next gen PaaS offerings and apps.


Monitoring Redefined – Without Alert Spam

Learn how Dynatrace monitors your entire IT landscape with deep cause-and-effect insights. Watch how Dynatrace's AI helps you to identify the root cause of complex problems in minutes. See how Dynatrace's AI eliminates alert spam.


ITSM and Dynatrace AI Powered Monitoring

Learn how Dynatrace contributes to ITSM and can be a part of your ITIL processes with the example of ServiceNow. Hear about three broadly unsolved core challenges around CMDBs. See how Dynatrace’s auto-discovery and monitoring model addresses them. See how Dynatrace’s AI creates incidents with impact and root cause insights in your ITSM solution.


Real User Monitoring

Learn about four different use-cases of Real User Monitoring and their target audiences. Watch how Dynatrace's AI provides the root cause to any real user impact. See what business insights are delivered by Real User Monitoring.


Monitoring Redefined – Correlation vs. Causation

Learn why watching disconnected metrics is not doing it in today’s application deployments. Understand how Dynatrace monitors your application with deep cause-and-effect insights. See how AI helps you to identify the root cause of complex problems in minutes.