U-Haul gets on the road to automatic and intelligent observability with Dynatrace

"Dynatrace is more dynamic, it’s a lot easier to use."

Mike Shanko - Head of Infrastructure and Infrastructure Security, U-Haul


Before Dynatrace, U-Haul used several different monitoring solutions that failed to give a complete picture of the performance of their critical applications, and the entire IT ecosystem.

The team at U-Haul struggled to pinpoint customer-facing issues when they arose and found themselves wanting to provide a much higher quality support to their growing customer base. A rapidly growing company like U-Haul is experiencing growing demand for its products and services, and it increasingly relies on software to increase customer satisfaction and revenue.

U-Haul decided it needed a monitoring solution built for the cloud; a solution that would keep pace with the company, its expanding cloud ecosystem, and its reputation as a leading rental company.

"Dynatrace allows us to look deep into areas where specific monitoring tools played before, and now we’re getting value – we’re able to take action on alerts and be more proactive."

Mike Shanko - Head of Infrastructure and Infrastructure Security, U-Haul

Why Dynatrace

  • With Dynatrace, U-Haul consolidated multiple solutions into a single full-stack platform that enables them to unite disparate teams, eliminates war rooms, and powers them to operate more efficiently.
  • Using Dynatrace the company gains visibility into blind spots in the IT ecosystem that they couldn’t see into before. Teams can now take action, be proactive and use automation and AI to resolve problems and prevent issues before they arise.
  • Thanks to Dynatrace’s AI engine, U-Haul spends less time figuring out what’s wrong as they can see the problem straight away and spend time fixing it to better customer experience.
  • Data provided by Dynatrace enables U-Haul to see everything that customers are doing, which allows them to make strategic IT decisions that impact the bottom line.
"With Dynatrace, it’s very easy to figure out where problems exist, which is helping our teams to sleep easier, and spend their Saturdays with their families instead of with me."

Mike Shanko - Head of Infrastructure and Infrastructure Security, U-Haul

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