Sailpoint enhances their DevOps capabilities to optimize operations

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"Mean-time-to-recovery has gone down significantly since switching to Dynatrace."

Marty Bowers - Manager of DevOps, SailPoint

Security and identity management by SailPoint

SailPoint delivers cloud-based identity management software. The services provided by SailPoint’s open identity platform enhance enterprise IT security infrastructure through compliance controls, provisioning, password management, single sign-on, and data access governance. SailPoint is leveraged across many different business verticals, including banking, finance, healthcare, property and casualty insurance, and the pharmaceutical industry.

SailPoint’s SaaS offerings are 100% cloud-based. Software engineering and quality assurance teams are responsible for the development of tests and builds. Once these artifacts are created, they are handed off to the DevOps team, which is responsible for handling the delivery pipeline, staging the software in a customer-facing pre- production environment, and finally launching it into a production environment. The operations side of DevOps entails managing production and non-production operations, as well as various non-customer facing environments.

SailPoint & AWS

SailPoint is fully based on the AWS Cloud. The adoption of AWS occurred approximately three years ago. Marty Bowers, Manager of DevOps at SailPoint, said that “AWS suited our needs very well,” and estimates that SailPoint leverages approximately 60 percent of AWS’s infrastructure services.

“If we are able to leverage an AWS service instead of building something ourselves, we will,” said Bowers.

Business teams leverage metrics generated by AWS for end-user monitoring. This data shows which services customers are using, which features are being adopted and those that aren‘t. This allows the team to make informed decisions about which features the engineering team needs to enhance or phase out.

Why Dynatrace?

  • Provides in-depth infrastructure analysis
  • Optimizes operations prior to feature deployment
  • Enhances DevOps capabilities
  • More cost-effective than competing options
"I can’t remember a product that I’ve used where I get the kind of fast feedback and responsiveness to an issue or feature enhancement that would help us. I see my feedback incorporated into the product not that long after."

Marty Bowers - Manager of DevOps, SailPoint


To reduce the gap between pre-production and production deployments, Dynatrace was deployed to the pre-production and production environments. The operations team uses the newly gained visibility for production monitoring. Moreover, developers do have self-service access to the Dynatrace portal for visibility across the delivery pipeline. When the DevOps team receives an alert from Dynatrace, they use the very specific information provided to seek out the development team responsible for the new feature. From here, they collaborate to decide if there is cause for action, and if so, how the problem should be addressed proactively before the feature goes into production and impacts the customer experience.

Benefits & results

Moving towards a continuous deployment model, with individual microservices having their own release schedule, enabled the development team to get products and features to market faster. Working on smaller, more frequent releases, greatly reduces risk for the organization. The smaller releases, with the insight of Dynatrace, enable the development teams to identify the root causes of issues and fix or roll back features that require additional work without impacting the remainder of the software or the customer experience.

The benefits of Dynatrace on AWS have developed over time. Initially, the largest benefit was simply identifying systemic issues that the DevOps and development teams were not aware of – such as infrastructure misconfigurations that were not visible until Dynatrace was deployed. On top of that, Dynatrace was able to uncover instances where the systems were simply running slower than they should have been. This enabled the engineering teams to optimize existing infrastructure to improve performance.


SailPoint’s DevOps team was looking for a long-term solution to ensure its ability to move artifacts from pre-production to the production environment in a few hours, max, reducing time-to-market and mitigating risk.


Dynatrace was deployed to provide an in- depth analysis on SailPoint’s infrastructure and enhance their DevOps capabilities to help optimize their operations.

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