DISH tunes into Dynatrace to stream great customer experiences

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Digital transformation compounds complexity

The satellite television and streaming industry runs 24/7, and consumer expectations for a seamless and reliable service are constantly rising. In a highly competitive market, delivering a great user experience makes all the difference between success or failure. To stay ahead of this trend, DISH is continually looking to create new and improved customer experiences through constant innovation. To support this, it has digitally transformed from a traditional television business into a streaming and IoT service provider for the wireless world.

To enable this, DISH migrated its systems to an cloud environment, transforming monolithic applications into microservices and containers. This provided the agility needed to increase speed to market and improve the customer experience faster. However, DISH’s previous Gen 2 monitoring tool was almost eight years old, and couldn’t keep up with its new more dynamic, complex environment, requiring lots of time-intensive manual configuration. It therefore became difficult to maintain end-to-end visibility into the user experience and increase the speed of innovation without introducing risk.

DISH changes the channel

DISH realized it needed a new, next-generation approach that could support its complex IT environment – both in the cloud and on-premises – and identified Dynatrace as the solution. Dynatrace was by far the easiest to use and install, and the only solution capable of delivering real-time, AI-powered root-cause analysis into DISH’s complex environment. Dynatrace provided answers – not just data on glass, allowing DISH to resolve issues quickly, rather than wasting precious time on problem identification and alert correlation. Because Dynatrace is an all-in-one, full-stack solution, DISH was also able to eliminate three existing monitoring tools.

“We knew Dynatrace was the right solution when our development managers came to us and said ‘When’s this POC going to be over so we can install this across the enterprise?’,” said Eric Harris, Director of Enterprise Systems, DISH. “Since installation, we’ve been able to differentiate from our competitors due to the quality of service our customers receive. When we see any kind of problem, we’re right on it and addressing it, so it’s resolved quickly, and that’s a huge advantage.”

"Since installation, we’ve been able to differentiate from our competitors due to the quality of service our customers receive. When we see any kind of problem, we’re right on it and addressing it, so it’s resolved quickly, and that’s a huge advantage."

Eric Harris - Director of Enterprise Systems, DISH

Life with Dynatrace

  • Answers, not just data – Dynatrace eliminates the lengthy process of manually looking through error logs and immediately performs root-cause analysis on problems as they arise, giving insight into both DISH’s cloud and on-premises environments.
  • Easy to install – Dynatrace was able to immediately map out DISH’s complex cloud environment and identify the intricate relationships between its applications and systems to provide faster, superior root-cause analysis. One month after deployment, over 300 people across the company requested access to Dynatrace.
  • Real-time visibility – Dynatrace has proven invaluable in DISH’s DevOps environment – not only does it help reduce mean time to repair, it also flags performance issues before they become problems for the customer. That’s a new level of visibility that simply wasn’t available before.
  • Problems solved, for good – The auto-remediation enabled by Dynatrace’s AI engine, Davis®, has helped resolve dozens of performance issues and ensures that those problems don’t ever recur.
"Dynatrace is our gold standard moving forward – it’s clearly ahead of the competition, enabling us to work much closer with our business and development partners to deliver results. Being able to solve issues before customers are impacted is a big deal."

Eric Harris - Director of Enterprise Systems, DISH

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