Clario helps medical researchers accelerate clinical trials with AI-assistance from Dynatrace

"Dynatrace allows us to stop bad code from ever reaching production"

Simon Pilar - Director of IT Service Operations, Clario

Legacy software compounds complexity

Clario has grown rapidly in recent years, both organically and through a string of acquisitions that each came with its own technology stack and toolchain. As a result, the company found itself with an increasingly complex, hybrid environment spanning a multitude of legacy systems and cloud platforms. This became even more complex as Clario began to migrate towards a cloud native architecture running on Kubernetes, and its plans to transition these workloads to AWS would increase that complexity even further.

With so many disparate monitoring tools being used to manage IT performance, Clario’s operations team was unable to maintain observability across all business departments and IT environments, in a single view. This made it difficult to get the precise answers needed to continuously identify, understand and resolve any anomalies or performance issues that arose, to accelerate innovation and optimize user-experiences. Clario realized it needed to standardize its CI/CD processes and consolidate its monitoring and management solutions into ‘one DevOps toolchain’.

Simplifying complexity with Dynatrace

Clario selected Dynatrace to enable its vision of ‘one DevOps toolchain’, having been impressed by its easy implementation and the rich AI-powered insights it could provide. Senior Systems Engineer Christian Heckelmann was able to set up a trial account and roll-out Dynatrace to one of Clario’s IT environments in just minutes during a train journey, and was astonished by how quickly it was able to light-up the entire application and infrastructure topology and start surfacing insights.

"We were able to deploy Dynatrace within minutes, and were amazed by how much information we were able to glean about our environment so suddenly. It’s nothing we’ve ever seen in any other platform."

Christian Heckelmann - Senior Systems Engineer, Clario

Life with Dynatrace

  • AI-powered answers – Dynatrace provides Clario with actionable insights into performance issues across its entire hybrid cloud environment in real-time. Performance alerts don’t just identify anomalies, but contain the precise root-cause, so Clario can remediate fast and prevent problems from escalating into user-experience-impacting issues.
  • Driving faster innovation – As part of its ‘One DevOps toolchain’, Dynatrace enables Clario to identify performance degradations during the early stages of development, so it can prevent bad code being progressed through the pipeline. As a result, Clario can accelerate innovation, by providing its developers with the precise answers they need to optimize their code and create better end-user experiences from the very beginning.
  • Autonomous cloud operations – With Keptn, Dynatrace’s open source pluggable control plane, Clario is able to implement automated quality gates in its software delivery pipeline, to accelerate innovation even further. These quality gates are used to validate new deployments and provide Clario with precise answers about the performance of newly deployed services so they can be continuously optimized, and it can prevent any production issues from occurring.

“Dynatrace has allowed us to become more proactive than reactive, and that’s awesome,” continued Heckelmann. “Our developers are able to continuously identify any issues and fix bad code before it reaches production. That means we can innovate faster and drive better value for the business and our users, without worrying that more speed equals more problems. If we didn’t have Dynatrace, our operations team would almost certainly be waking up more often in the night because of errors that could have been prevented.”

"By providing advanced observability across our DevOps processes and app delivery pipelines, Dynatrace allows us to see the smoke before the fire starts to burn. We can stop bad code from ever reaching production, so it never becomes a problem."

Simon Pilar - Director of IT Service Operations, Clario

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