Your Top Links about Web Site/AJAX Performance

With the recent work we did for the Dynatrace AJAX Edition we spent a lot of time in researching on existing blogs and articles on the topics of Web Site Performance, JavaScript and AJAX Frameworks. Here is a collection of interesting links on these topics:

Web Site Performance


  • FireBug: FireFox plugin for editing, debugging and monitoring CSS, HTML and JavaScript
  • YSlow: FireFox plugin integrated with FireBug. Allows analyzing web page speed based on the rules of the Yahoo Best Practice Paper
  • Dynatrace AJAX Edition: Diagnose and Prevent AJAX Performance Issues for IE 6, 7 & 8
  • Google Page Speed: Open Source FireFox plugin to evaluate Web Site Performance
  • Cuzillion: Allows you to dynamically create a web site with different embedded objects and test its page load time in your browser
  • CSS Sprite Generator
    • It generates sprites right in the web page, so you can play with sprites without having to upload or download anything

JavaScript and Ajax Frameworks

Community Sites

  • Ajaxian: Dion and Ben’s Ajax Platform
  • Ajax on fresh links for developers on topics like Ajax, web 2.0, frameworks, …

Lets consider this blog entry as “Work in Progress” – so – please provide some feedback and we will update this post with useful links that come from you.

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