Why our customers love Dynatrace

We launched our all-in-one monitoring tool only a couple of months ago and although Dynatrace is still a new player in the monitoring market, we’ve already released many useful features. Dynatrace covers application performance monitoring, server monitoring, real user monitoring, network monitoring, and virtualization monitoring, and supports numerous technologies. What we’re really happy about is that we’ve helped so many of our customers address their pain points in monitoring their applications and infrastructure.

We’d like to thank all of our customers and highlight some of the reasons that our customers are happy with Dynatrace:

Dynatrace works out of the box

“Coming from New Relic we could be easily convinced by the ease of setup and an amazing dashboard.” – BARBRI Inc.

“Enterprise-class monitoring for small- and midsized businesses, setup in less than 10 minutes.” – QMETHODS

“We’re intrigued by its capability to work almost out of the box as well as being able to monitor system aspects as well as application performance and user experience.” – Sofico N.V.

“When we saw how easy it would be to integrate Dynatrace into our AWS environment, we decided to give it a try.” – lemniscus.de

Out-of-the-box monitoring tool

Dynatrace notifies you of real problems (no noisy alerts!)

“Since changing over from New Relic, we have been able to take more proactive approach to our decision making and less reactive takes the guesswork out of fixing issues.” – Norwall PowerSystems

“We started with Nagios and similar tools. The problems with both solutions were the same: Adding new hosts and adjusting monitoring as well as defining proper thresholds for alerts was always an issue. Wrong thresholds in too many cases led to alert spamming. As if this was not bad enough it also resulted in us missing the really important problems.” – CHIP Digital

“A lot of other monitoring tools are great, but they are too noisy. As a small start­up, we don’t have time for noise. Dynatrace tells us the problem and points to the root cause fast.” – III Digital Rock Studios, LLC

“It is obviously designed to help identify problems rather than overwhelm us with metrics.” – Usersnap

Real problems

Dynatrace shows you the full picture

“Our software stack looks easy on the whiteboard, but the reality is much more complex. smartscape helps us to get real-time visibility into the health of our systems and show where we need to optimize.” – mediaDESK

“We were using NewRelic, but we never got the full picture of our production environment.” – BARBRI Inc.

“Consolidation and migration is a key part of our daily work. Understanding the dependencies of our application is a pre-requisite for us. Dynatrace is the only solution that can provide this.” – CHIP Digital

“The dashboard kicks ass and what they call ‘Smartscape’ provides an excellent overview of system components. The shortcuts to response time analysis for the slowest percentile definitely comes in handy.” – Sofico N.V.

Full stack monitoring

Dynatrace is an all-in-one monitoring tool

“For monitoring I often went with AppDynamics and for pure local machine code-level insight I used tools like JProfiler. Often I had to combine them with other tools to get the full picture.” – lemniscus.de

“We needed visibility of the front-end too, but New Relic Browser was too expensive. We decided to go with Dynatrace because it provides better full-stack monitoring and proactive alarms at a more affordable price.” – Bluesoft Consultoria em Informática

“In the past we used low level monitoring tools such as Zabbix in combination with a 3rd party tool here and there and especially a lot of ‘gut feeling’ as well as log analyzing.” – Sofico N.V.

“If something isn’t the way it is supposed to be, our DevOps Engineers have the full picture within one tool. We get to the root cause much quicker and only involve team members that are actually needed for fixing.” – Planon

All-in-one monitoring tool

Dynatrace premium customer service

“I really like the support I’ve received from Dynatrace on several occasions – responsive, honest, accurate.” – Corporate Value Metrics

“The guys at Dynatrace are really responsive and fixed some minor issues within no time.” – Planon

“The Dynatrace guys were great to work with and pricing turned to be great value for money.” – BARBRI Inc.

“Privacy and data security is a major issue for our customers including world market leaders in security critical industries. Dynatrace’s chief software architect addressed all our security concerns personally in a comprehensive call.” – Planon

As you can see, our customers really love Dynatrace for a number of reasons. Many prefer Dynatrace over other mainstream monitoring tools. So if you’re struggling with performance issues in your application stack or you’re getting tired of alert spam, consider doing what our customers have done already: give Dynatrace a try.

Alois is Tech Lead for Cloud and Container technologies in the Dynatrace Innovation Lab. He is passionate about performance and quality. Before joining Dynatrace, he was a researcher for software quality measurements. If he is not working, he loves doing outdoor activities.