Welcome! New synthetic monitoring locations in Asia, Africa, and the US

Dynatrace Synthetic monitoring gives you the ability to check the availability and performance of your web applications under clean-room conditions. This provides you with a performance benchmark at regular intervals from synthetic monitoring locations worldwide so that you can directly compare application performance with real-user experience. In combination with Real User Monitoring (RUM) data, Session Replay and Synthetic monitoring provide market-leading digital experience monitoring with Dynatrace.

What’s new?

We’ve deployed a number of new Alibaba-based monitoring locations since the beginning of 2019, with special emphasis on locations in Asia.

Alibaba monitoring locations

Just last week, Microsoft announced a new Azure location in South Africa. We’ve already made this location available for your monitoring needs. So, please welcome the following new synthetic monitoring locations to the Dynatrace family:

  • Hohhot, China
  • Zhangjiakou, China
  • Singapore
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Silicon Valley, California, USA
  • Johannesburg, South Africa

What’s next?

As promised, we’re aggressively pushing for even more synthetic monitoring locations worldwide:

  • The rest of the Alibaba regions are in the pipeline.
  • We’ll provide support for an Azure location in Cape Town, South Africa once Microsoft makes it available for direct use.
  • Private browser monitors are heading your way and will be available soon.

These announcements (and many others) are just a few reasons why following this blog will remain interesting for y’all! So stay tuned.