Weekly availability reports are here!

In addition to monthly availability reports, Dynatrace now provides weekly availability reports. New users who create web checks in the course of the Dynatrace product tour are automatically subscribed to weekly availability reports. This is yet another great benefit of monitoring web application availability and performance via web checks.

We’ve updated the reporting workflow slightly to accommodate weekly availability reports. Previously, you could only access availability reports via the Reports link in the Dynatrace menu or from links provided via email. Now you can access availability reports directly from each Web check details page.

To access weekly availability reports:

  1. From the Dynatrace menu, select Availability & SLA.
  2. Select a web check.
  3. Click the Browse (…) button.
  4. Select View report to display the most recent weekly availability report.Availability reports
  5. A drop list on the Web check details page enables you to select the Month and Weekly report you want to view. New monthly reports are available at the end of each month.Availability reports
  6. To receive weekly or monthly email notifications each time a new report is generated, click that report’s Browse (…) button and select Subscribe weekly, Subscribe monthly, or both. Regardless of whether or not you subscribe, reports can always be accessed by selecting Reports from the Dynatrace menu or via the Browse (…) button on individual reports.Availability reports