View garbage collection CPU consumption

In a recent blog post we announced that we now break down each process’ CPU usage to show you how much CPU each service on the process uses. We’ve now extended this functionality by including CPU usage of the garbage collector during suspension. This currently works for Java and .NET (For details on our .NET beta support please see .NET custom services and standalone applications and How to enable .NET monitoring support).

On each Process page you will now see an Analyze process CPU consumption button beneath the CPU chart.


Garbage collection CPU consumption

Click Analyze process CPU consumption to view a breakdown of a process’ CPU usage. In addition to services, you now also see Suspension CPU (i.e., garbage collection) and Background activity (i.e., anything other than a service or garbage collection), giving you a much better handle on your resource usage.

garbage collection CPU consumption

This functionality requires Dynatrace Agent v1.71 and works for all garbage collectors except CMS. We will cover CMS soon though, so stay tuned!

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