Update dynaTrace AJAX Edition to get Rendering Times on ALL versions of Internet Explorer

Analyzing Rendering Activity is one of the many features of the Free Dynatrace AJAX Edition. Alois wrote a nice blog article that explains the internals of IE’s Rendering Engine and how rendering is analyzed with the AJAX Edition.

Different patch levels of IE may cause problems

In order for the AJAX Edition to capture Drawing, Layouting and Reflows it has to instrument native libraries of IE. With constant updates of IE – mainly pushed via Windows Update Services – it is likely that these native libraries change causing the AJAX Edition to not capture any or not all rendering activities. In case you don’t see any rendering activity please report it on the Problems seeing Rendering Activity Page.

Stay up-to-date on the NEW Updates and Patches Page

dynaTrace Labs host a NEW Updates and Patches Page on the dynaTrace AJAX Community Portal where you can download the latest updated instrumentation information file

Contribute to the community

Having a huge community like you enables us to verify that the AJAX Edition works on any version or patch level of IE. Please keep us posted on problems that you run into when upgrading to a new patch level or version of IE using the “Found a bug” toolbar button or by commenting on the Community Portal pages. Thanks a lot

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