Thomson Reuters on How they deliver High Performance Online Services

We have had some great Webinars with our customers in the past year – such as Zappos, SmithMicro, Peopleclick or Monster. Next week I am co-hosting a Webinar with Eric Thomas, Director of Advanced Engineering at Thomson Reuters. Eric will talk about their online services that millions of people rely on every day and how they manage to meet performance demands in their highly distributed application architecture. As other big organizations, Thomson has to deal with additional challenges such geographically dispersed development, test and production teams and the cultural and organizational characteristics as a result of the merger between Thomson and Reuters in 2008.

Here is the detailed information to register for the North America Webinar:

Detailed Information: Dynatrace Future Webinar Page
Register here: North America Webinar
When: June 2nd 2010, Noon EDT (9am PDT)

The same webinar will also be hosted for the United Kingdom one week later:

Detailed Information: Dynatrace Future Webinar Page
Register here: UK Webinar
When: June 10th 2010, 10am GMT Summer Time

In case you can’t make it to the live webinar you can download the recorded version about one week after the webinar on the dynaTrace Recorded Webinars page.

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