The Dynatrace 2017 EMEA Partner of the Year award winners, headed by YMOR and Omnilogy

The Dynatrace Partner Summit is one of the most anticipated events of the year for us, bringing together 300 of our top partners across primarily Europe, but this year also Asia and North America.

John van Siclen, CEO of Dynatrace opened the summit with a statement that reflects the importance of the Dynatrace partner community:

“We thank our partners for our market leadership in the past, and we look forward to extending this, with you, in the future.”

The awards dinner, where our partners are recognised for highest revenue, marketing excellence, certification, innovation, and services leadership is presented at the awards ceremony on the end of day 1. Michael Allen, VP EMEA and event chair shared:

“We have grown the partner summit from 50 partners in Berlin only a few years ago to, over 300 today. Our partners are essential to the growth of our business, and these awards are a great opportunity to recognise our partners that invest in Dynatrace and the future of APM.”

Partner award winners 2017

Congratulations to all our partner nominees winners. Here is the complete list.

Partner of the Year – EMEA 2017

Winner: YMOR

• T-Systems
• Ymor
• NetQuality
• GFI Informatica

With the largest number of transactions and the most revenue contribution, YMOR won the overall EMEA Partner of the Year award for the first time.

Service Provider of the Year – EMEA 2017

Winner: T-Systems

• T-Systems
• GFI Informatica
• DXC Technology (formally CSC)

Congratulations to T-Systems who wins the Services partner of the year award as a repeat category winner from previous years.

Solution Innovation Award – EMEA 2017

Winner: Atos

• Atos
• Evolane

This year’s award goes to a partner that has built a multi-cloud fabric and orchestration system with Dynatrace Managed technology and associated managed services offering at the heart.

Marketing Excellence Award – EMEA 2017

Winner: Innovation Strategies

• Innovation Strategies
• Moviri

The award for 2017 goes to another new partner for 2017, who hit the ground running with a major investment into skilling up their teams but also launching the Dynatrace Partnership with a hugely successful customer seminar.

Training and Certification Award – EMEA 2017

Winners: Quenta & Amasol

• Quenta
• Amasol
• GFI Informatica

Quenta promised to get their entire team certified by the beginning of the year, and they did, with nine new certifications. Amasol is the only partner in Europe to have certifications for all of our capabilities.

RFO Award Winners

In the category of RFO (regional franchise offices) we are pleased to announce the following award winners.

Best of the Year Award – RFO EMEA 2017

Winner: Omnilogy

• Mediro
• Red Ocean
• Omnilogy

This award criteria includes revenue and new business. Congratulations to the overall best RFO partner in Omnilogy.

Marketing Excellence Award – RFO EMEA 2017

Winner: Matrix

• Matrix
• Bakotech
• Provice

Awarded to the RFO who has executed a mix of multiple go-to-market initiatives, press releases, case studies, customer videos, lead generation campaigns, and actively engaged with local media partners, demonstrating tangible results.

Training and Certification Award – RFO EMEA 2017

Winner: Mediro

• Performance Expert
• Red Ocean
• Mediro

Congratulations to Mediro, with 14 new technical certification exams this year, assuring that all new hires had an Associate certification and all experience hires were Professional certified.

Net New Logos – RFO EMEA 2017

Winner: Asseco

• Mediro
• Omnilogy
• Asseco

Recognition for the partner that drew the most amount of net new logo growth.

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